what scholarships are available for the next coming year?

  1. hey guys,

    i'm a nursing student at Union University and am loving it! however with the next year coming up, I've been trying to get my hands on any scholarship available. So are there any nursing scholarships that are available? or where do you guys suggest i go to to find this kind of stuff (my school hasn't exactly been the most helpful, which is why i come here). If it helps any with eligibility, i currently hold a 3.5 GPA.
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  3. by   gnomefactor
    hey guys,

    I'm currently attending Union University and am loving it! but with the next year coming up i'm trying to find any and every scholarship i can get my hands on. Anyone know what scholarships i could look into? or even which companies/organizations i can go to for opportunities in this.
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Start with the financial aid office at your school.
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  6. by   gnomefactor
    The problem is that they haven't been very helpful overall. In fact, a lot of the people I've asked have been kind of taken back in a way.
  7. by   JustBeachyNurse
    There is a Tylenol and also a Johnson & Johnson "Discover Nursing" scholarship (I don't have the exact links but you can easily find them through a google search). There is the federal HRSA program if you are pursuing a BSN and are willing to work in an under served area as a nurse once you graduate and obtain a license.

    Theoretically your school should be forthcoming with specialized grant and scholarship information as it looks good for the school to admit and retain students that earn merit based scholarships....but not all schools realize this is a free marketing tool that shows the strength of their programs. Its a shame.
  8. by   zoe92
    Look into hospitals around you because many offer scholarships for local students who can commit a year or two to working there after they pass the NCLEX. Google 'nursing scholarships' too.
  9. by   beccaboo322
    I would try the HRSA Nursing Scholarship, I know there is a thread on here somewhere... Anyway, I'm applying to it! They pay for all your tuition, books, fees, and a stipend. It's pretty competitive, but it's worth a shot. But the due date for the application is May 2nd! Hope that helps! Here's the website too! Scholarship Program
  10. by   gnomefactor
    Thanks for all the suggestions! Definitely gonna check them out! Would have not thought of some of these