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I used to watch ER, lost interest in that when Carter left, but keep up here and there to test my knowledge....I adore Greys Anatomy - they have some great cases (and good eye candy;) ) and hey, they... Read More

  1. by   shomelggs
    I love to watch the Discovery Channel-Trama Life in the ER--Dr. G Medical Examiner--
  2. by   debbieGa
    I love ER and Greys. I have recently become addicted to Nip/Tuck. I cannot wait for the new seson to start for these shows!! I know Nip/Tuck is sept 5.
  3. by   Critical LPN
    Quote from love2beanurse
    I LOVE Grey's Anatomy, already bought season one on dvd, waiting for the second one to come out. I usually dont miss it though. Will have to get my dh to record it this season for me. I also watch discovery health channel as much as possible, I love the mystery diagnosis and medical mysteries. All of them are great though, I like house and er as well. All in all I have to say Grey's is the best show ever.

    :yeahthat: I agree with that one. I watched a documentry on the show a few weeks ago that stated how they come up with the show. While all of the medical cases are "real cases" that have happened somewhere, sometime, the show is based around the stars. They start with a plot for the stars and then put in something medical that if you watch real close, co-insides with the storyline of the people's lives(stars). It was quite interesting to find that the lines are written like the medical component is separate from the roles of the stars and then they are blended together. They have experts in all the different fields and have an RN who actually does the scripting to get the two things to come together as well as she goes out to find real hospital equipment that she gets by any means possible to make the scenes more real. No more MA 1 vents like we see in the daily soap operas that have not been used for many years in most places.

    Even my husband likes the show which is a big stretch as he hates anything medical on TV for the most part. The narration in the background is a key to the show I think. Much like in Desparate Housewives, this adds another component that most shows do not have. I think this is an old trick that was used in the show "The Wonder Years" many years ago that I remember that my husband also liked. Even if you have to leave the room for a minute to do anything, you can know what is being thought or said by the people and what is going on in the background so you don't miss a thing when you come back. :spin:

    Also for some reason, my husband has it in his head, I have the same torso as IZZY on the show. He says he knows how us nurses are and the closet scenes in the show, he can just imagine in real life if something were going on between doctors and/ or nurses. I told him that is the part we probably don't like as that is the general perception that too many people have of the medical profession. He thinks that is what makes us human and that maybe not the worse thing to have patients realize that the stress can bring out feelings that we are all too well trained to hide and seem cold to patients and realatives. enguin:

    It is hard for me to see that many interns or residents with that much patient compassion anymore as the last teaching hospital that I worked for seemed to be breeding the most ill-respectful, cold, harsh and evasive group of doctors I have ever seen. Especially surgeons! This is the only real gripe I have with the show as I it seems that the doctors that are going on to be surgeons usually do not like the daily person to person part of the job and prefer to just get the "cuting" done. Much like "Christine's" character portrays, I have found that the norm rather than the exception as shown in "Grey's Anatomy". Even her character's meltdown with the final code scene of the nurse who had cancer and was a DNR, to be more about not being able to "cut and fix it" rather than true compassion for why the staff had kept her there to die among friends rather than move her out because she was a DNR. (We all know this would never happen anymore with the tight insurance controls watching every patients chart and making the doctors move em out pronto)

    I love all the surgery shows and medical mysteries on the Discovery and Dis. Health channels.

    Have a Mc Dreamy time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Josh L.Ac.
    My fiance and I used to watch Grey's Anatomy, but we both got annoyed with the show rather quickly. I thought it got way too afternoon-soap-opera, and she was annoyed at another stereotypical professional, cold and emotionally distant, self-serving, cutt-throat asian female character.
  5. by   Nikkik163
    I LOVE house, sometimes will catch ER, Dr. 90210 (I really like Dr. Rey and Dr. Li) untold stories of the ER, and other things if I am able to catch them.
  6. by   gonzo1
    used to love Chicago Hope. like House (wish I could do and say what he does sometimes) hate Grey's (don't need any eye candy) like Scrubs (too funny) and try to catch Trauma: Life in the ER sometimes I learn stuff from that show.
    There are Chicago Hope reruns on for those of you who would like that.
    Please don't judge me by my typos. It's late and I'm tired, but love to chat with everyone on Allnurses
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  7. by   mawlvn
    House for entertainment. Trauma, life in ER.
  8. by   mustangsally1988
    Grey's Anatomy! That show is so addictive..I never miss an episode! The only thing that sucks is they are moving it to 9pm on Thurs. and I'll have to start recording it because i'll be working!
  9. by   oldschooler
    Dr. House and Grey's anatomy
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  10. by   GTChick01
    Ok all you Grey's Anatomy fans.... check this out......

    So I was reading Cosmo earlier and there's an ad for NY&Co with Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo. It said to go to their website to see the "behind the scenes video of them", so I did and they have such GREAT chemistry together! Am I crazy or what....?

  11. by   br107
    House. Scrubs. Is that show still on? I wouldnt know I'm never around in the evenings anymore. Oh yeah Dr 90210. But for some reason i dont consider that a medical show. lol.
  12. by   supersneaker
    House rocks, but you know what?- Dr. G is actually my current favorite. Did anyone see the one with the self injection of (hardware store) silicone directly into the breast?? OMG, that blew my mind. Of course I like Mystery Diagnosis but I think it needs to be renamed "endocrine disorders you forgot about" - or something like that. And yes, ER, and Scrubs is brilliant, and hilarious. Of course, Elliot is my role model, or Carla- Elliot- oh well, I can't decide. What's scary about scrubs is how often those ridiculous situations actaully seem to happen to me at work.
  13. by   chysyl
    I love watching CHICAGO HOPE it's still on and ER anytime I can.