What kind of job would be helpful?

  1. I'm currently a nursing student in a BSN program. I've done on-campus tech support for the past two years as a part time job and I'm just not really getting anywhere with it. Can anyone recommend a job for me to try that's more "health" related? I don't want to be a CNA because I won't have that kind of certification until after my second semester is over. I'm considering looking for a pharmacy tech position. Do you guys think that would be helpful? I'm also thinking about job experience that will look good when I start applying for jobs in two years with no other nursing experience.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   liltweedy03
    Try your local hospital for a nurse tech job. That is what I am doing. You do not need any experience at all and it decent money. Plus, I go to work whenever I can so I don't have to worry about work interfering with studying!
  4. by   MikeyJ
    I agree with the other posting regarding "nurse tech" jobs. They are called Nurse Apprentices where I am located. A lot of hospitals hire for these type of positions because the pay is much cheaper than a nurse and you basically do the same type of work as a registered nurse, except under the supervision of an RN. If you visit your state board of nursing site, they list the duties a nurse apprentice/nurse tech can do. The pay is very nice as well because it is typically a per diem position meaning you can work when you want to work. The hospitals around here pay nurse apprentices between $16 - $20 depending on which shift they work.
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    Ditto....most hospitals are very good about working with your schedule and having hands-on experience is a great help in school. In addition, I understand that sometimes the "seniority" you build up in these positions helps with hiring once you graduate!! It certainly can't hurt to have that networking in your corner either!!