what is the difference between a JP drain and a Hemovac drain?

  1. I can't seem to find the difference between the JP and hemovac. They both look to work with basic pressure suction...but I'm not sure if I'm reading that correctly. I have yet to see either in real life, so I was just wondering because they will both be on my test tomorrow. thanks!
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    my jackson pratt p appendectomy/sepsis was an easter egg sized clear container attached to the drain, which the nurse squeezed the air out of after draining, then she closed it. a hemovac runs off of electricity, i'm pretty sure.
  5. by   NurseyBaby'05
    You're thinking of a wound vac. Hemovac is a round drain that is compressed flat to provide suction to a draining wound. The capacity is larger.


    Wound Vac Dressing

    Wound Vac Pump
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    A JP drain has one function, to drain smaller amounts of fluid and blood from a surgical site. A hemovac, which also has a larger capacity, also can collect blood in order to give back to the patient. It can have an initial setup for an autologous re-transfusion, then after a certain period of time it's converted to simply a collection device. Both use suction.
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    thanks a bunch, some nights i wonder where my head is. the picture you've got is what my one of my patient's has. i just remember the jackson pratt really well, because i thought it was interesting, my hubby thought i'd lost my mind ten years ago because i watched the nurse packing the wound with the saline soaked gauze with a mirror.