What is the awesom-ist thing you have seen in school so far? - page 2

I have seen SOO much stuff and i talk to others that have seen awesome stuff... So tell us all, what is the coolest thing that you have seen/experienced in clinicals??? from Gamma Knife; a... Read More

  1. by   MB37
    I haven't seen much yet, but we had our OWN cadavers (not MY own, but one per two lab groups, so 10 students) at my first nursing school...I didn't get to do much with him though, we only had two weeks of lab until Katrina flooded it...
  2. by   UNCgirl
    1. blunt force chest trauma with 2 chest tubes placed and an open thoracotomy at bedside after with cardiac paddles and internal cardiac massage (sadly pt. did not make it)

    2. open heart surgery with CABG x3 and the patient went into Vfib coming off bypass...I actually saw the ventricles quivering...looked kinda like jello!
  3. by   Italia13 RN
    I just got done my nuero rotation and saw a Ventric get put in Bedside.. def one of the most coolest procedures I have ever seen!
  4. by   leagirl36
    This might not be the awsomest thing but we all thought it was pretty kool, and disgusting and pitiful. Our second med-surg rotation me and my classmates were assigned to patients by the instrutor, my close friend was in my group and she had the little lady who was around 60 ish, she lived alone, no family, just her dogs. She also had really bad edema in her legs. Needless to say her dogs would jump up on her legs and scratch them, they became infected and she literally had maggots crawling under her skin. The kool thing is that the maggots were eating away the dead tissue, which is what actually saved her from becoming worse. We had to get a submergion tubs and place her legs in and turn on the whirl pool to losen the skin and then wrap her legs in cool bandages. A couple of the girls got sick. This is best i have seen yet.:trout:
  5. by   mcknis
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^That is awesome!!! I also like anything nasty that no one else can stand, but all that stuff is cool to me.
    My favs so far:
    -surgeries of any kind
    -chest tube placed
    -spinal taps
    -epidural placement (CRNA actually got me involved, awesome people!)
    -wierdest- scrotal edema (actually was size of two grapefruit together d/t end stage renal and heart failure) sad case, but pt was only 25 (sad case, but cool kid).
  6. by   Kiringat
    Heart tranplant
  7. by   Megsd
    I took care of a lady last week who suddenly went into resp. distress and had NO breath sounds on her right side. A chest x-ray showed she had a mucous plug in her right lung and after an HOUR of postural drainage her breath sounds returned. It was kind of awesome to hear no breath sounds and then have them come back!

    I also watched a bubble echocardiogram today, that was pretty interesting too.