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Hi! I am currently a teacher, but i have applied to an accelerated 2nd degree program. I am really nervous/curious about what nursing school is really like. I have a few questions, and was... Read More

  1. by   BoonersmomRN
    I just started semester 3 out of 4 and it hasn't been that bad. It does require discipline as there is a lot to do but it's not overly stressful for me. Some days I have to put basically my entire day into it and others I have a lot more relaxation.

    Good luck!
  2. by   fleur-de-lis
    Accelerated programs also get the reputation for not preparing you clinically. I am halfway through my accelerated BSN program and that is definitely not true. We do the same number of clinical hours as the regular BSN students, just in a shorter time frame and more clinicals per semester. Accelerated programs are not easy, but are doable. You just have to realize that your life outside of school will be limited for 15 months (or 18 or whatever). You can still have a life outside of school (I spent today doing "retail therapy" rather than studying, but the rest of my week is shot), but you have to be very organized and be willing to work very hard.

    I do not find that nursing school contributes to people needing antidepressants. Those who do end up on meds are likely those who would have ended up on them anyway, at least if you believe that mental disorders are biochemically based. Sure, the stress of NS can push you over that fine line to where you need meds if you were borderline, but the stress of life in general would have likely done the same if you took NS out of the picture.

    Good luck!
  3. by   WDWpixieRN
    I think a lot depends on your personality and how you are able to roll with the flow. You've got a degree so you have some idea of the tenaciousness it takes to just see something through. All jobs are stressful to some degree, and for me, I know I couldn't handle teaching and the parents and some of the kids and the amount of work involved both in and out of the classroom!

    I just started my second semester of NS and haven't heard anyone say they're on meds....sometimes I think I could use them, but it's more about my personal home life than anything to do with school!!

    The time involvement varies as others have mentioned....I'm in an ASN program as I was very fearful of an accelerated program and at this point in my life, wasn't sure I could handle the intensity...but I really think the 6 units that we enrolled in for first semester should've been listed as about 15 units!! Sometimes it felt like there was that much work required! And a lot of it wasn't classroom time!!

    I have an bachelor's in MIS and spent 6 years in the IT field. Nursing school is so unlike anything else I have ever done, but I just keep thinking that if others can do this, then so can I.

    Best wishes!!