What has been your Favorite Class? - page 2

Im just curious. What has been your favorite class while in school? What class are you looking forward to most? Mine would have to be Sign Language, I loved my ASL Class. The class I am... Read More

  1. by   PharmacologyPhan
    I would say that my favorite class thus far was my A&P sequence, my professor was the best I have ever had including all the professors I've ever taken from my other bachelors degree. Every day I was amazed at how much information that man had in his head! A close second for me is pharmacology, oh how I love pharm! :1luvu:
  2. by   That Guy
    Good thread even though its dated.

    Mine would be MRI physics and Instrumentation. That professor was amazing and made it all so easy to understand, well as easy as he could.
  3. by   Chapis
    i'm not in ns yet, but my favorite class so far has been micro. i loved everything about it, learning alot of new illnessess, diseases, nasty critters, and of course growing those nasty things in lab was cool. and my second favorite has to be sociology, the instructor makes a big difference. it's an evening class and even though every time we have class we go home at 10 pm it's never boring, it's actually pretty informative.
    the class i can't wait to be in would be a rotaion in pediatrics & nicu.
  4. by   thinwildmercury
    I took two years of ASL and I hated it! I only took two years because I wanted to transfer language credits to college. (I took ASL at a JC while in HS and took Spanish at my HS.) My favorite class has been psychology. I would be a psych major if not for nursing, I am fascinated by it! The class I am most looking forward to? Hmm I am excited to learn about anatomy and physiology but I am scared of how hard everyone says those classes are.