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Hello everyone, I am wondering what you guys use to take notes during class. Do youprefer the typical way to take notes with paper and pen? Or do you use laptops? I am not a very fast typist so... Read More

  1. by   Raggmop02
    Thanks everybody. You guys are super!!!
  2. by   Stephalump
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    Thanks Devon Rex. I have seen people do that in some of my classes. I do the reading but don't seem to remember enough of what I read to know exactly what part of the book I read it in so that I can highlight it. Lol! Any tricks you would like to share with me on how to do that?Sandra
    In my experience, most of my professors follow the sequence of the book so it isn't hard at all to keep up if I've pre-read. I do have one instructor who jumps all over the place and I gave up highlighter with her all together and write on the power points.
  3. by   Raggmop02
    Makes sense. Thanks for the tip Stephalump.

  4. by   Miiki
    I use a laptop, but we are required to have laptops in class and do a lot of group work in class on google docs.
  5. by   Raggmop02
    Thanks miiki!
  6. by   RN2serve
    I used the smart pen Live Scribe and "Loved it" you can draw pictures too and go back and listen to what was said while you were drawing the heart or whatever. I also liked that I could slow down the play back a practice how to pronounce a word. I had one pen and a notebook/pad for each class. Each semester I would just tear out the old and continue to use my same 2-3 books till I ran out of paper. Good Luck
  7. by   elegant.lil.lady
    Everyone in my class types away on laptops or tablets. But I'm old fashioned. I still print out the powerpoints (4 slides to a page) and handwrite notes with pens and highlighters. I find it's the process of actually writing down the notes that helps me retain the information. Do whatever works for you. Everyone studies differently.
  8. by   Raggmop02
    Thanks RN2serve. It is helpful to know these pens work. I have been toying with the idea of purchasing one and have been hesistant because I did not know if they worked well or not. Thanks a million. Sandra
  9. by   lvnibclc
    I am glad you asked this question! I am thinking about getting an iPad for nursing school! I am just finishing up my prereqs and am thinking that may be my getting into nursing school gift (hopefully!!) I think that between the iPad and a bluetooth keyboard I may be able to keep up and take notes.
  10. by   Raggmop02
    I wish I could type fast enough to keep up. I suck at typing. Lol. Good luck getting into your program. Sandra
  11. by   Miiki
    Quote from Raggmop02
    I wish I could type fast enough to keep up. I suck at typing. Lol. Good luck getting into your program. Sandra
    My high school forced us into a keyboarding class as freshmen. I must say that typing is one really useful skill to have and I'm extremely grateful to have it. I don't know how I would function if I couldn't type.
  12. by   newbenurs
    I did the same but also used a recorder. I didn't try the recorder until half way through school and it was really helpful. I rarely had time to relisten to whole lectures in fast mode but made time for certain difficult lectures and fine tuned my notes while listening. Whenever I found myself drifting or I didn't catch something I would write down the time from my recorder in the margin of the page and then I could go back and just relisten to that portion. I would also relisten during exercise or in the car for certain things. You can also record your own voice with specific study material that requires memorization like lab values and replay them during exercise or driving time. At the end of each 5 week course I would load it onto my computer to clear the device but not lose the info if I needed it.
    That pen sounds awesome, though. I would try it. Sometimes I would need to relisten to something on my recorder and not be able to find it. That pen sounds like it would solve some problems and make it easier. Hope it works.
    The one thing I was never able to resolve was finding a program that would take my audio files and change it into a text file that I could print out or finding a program that could make a text file from a 3 hour lecture. But I may be a lttle behind the times. I have to have paper, write things, underline things, highlight, draw pictures, etc. to learn.