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I got a 3.0GPA last semester. This semester I failed. I can write a letter to the school regarding why I was unsuccessful & be readmitted (pending their approval). I failed this semester b/c I... Read More

  1. by   lmb0730
    i failed at my school with 3 d's my first semester(spring 2008). they never let anyone back in the program with more than 2ds, and sometimes they don't even let the ppl with 2 d's back in( it is very rare). i just finished retaking my classes over, why? because i fought back, i went all the way up the ladder. i got a doctors note for my medical condition. i am happy, now. i broke a traditon at the school. since then, they have been a little easier on students when they do appeals. i too, have wanted to be a nurse since i was a young girl and i wasn't gonna let anyone tell me i couldn't be one. you are the captain of your ship called life. show them how bad you want it and that you will not accept no as an answer or option. be smart and respectful though, not nasty.talk to the director, assistant dean, and the dean if you have too. get a doctors note showing how your condition affects you average life and nursing life. i know depression is very hard to deal with . i think the doctors note will help out alot. yes, and get involved with clubs , organization , or volunteer ( i use this as a stress reliever also). i completely understand. i have a disability but it is not visible plus the medication i take has anxiety as a side effect.this semester i finished and passed all classes and all everyone could say was great job.they were happy for me. but i think it was more than that, i think they have a great deal of respect for me now.also write an academic plan out and have someone look over it , like an academic counselor. i highly reccommend you get a study skills book
    ( i know you do not have problems studying but it shows you are trying). it is one we use at our school. i can't remember the exact name but there is something in the title about effective study skills, maximize your academic potential. it covers everything. also, do research on different national nurse website , they usually have tips on relaxation. oh and a biggie, talk to your doctor about prescribing you a med for the depression. not to actually take, but as something you can put in your letter. my doctor has buspar on reserve for me should i need it . get all of your tears our, cry , and cry some more because i know it hurts like hell.get all of your anger out, if any, so that if you should have a conference or meeting with them at your school, you will be speaking from a place of intelligence and not anger because it will show. last but definitely least pray, if you don't, start. if you don't want to or that is not your religion, ask someone to pray for you. prayer changes, i am a living testimony!!!!! ( i find that in my most serious situations, i need to actually get on knees and speak my prayer outloud. i also tell the lord that there is no way i can fix this matter and i need him or that i can't do it without him.(so far he has not failed me yet! i now have a closer realtionship with him, and alot of joy in my heart. you will be in my prayers and i hope it work out. remember all things are possible through christ, believe!!

    real nurses are not made,we are born, claim your destiny.

    plz let me know how it goes
  2. by   lmb0730
    do not mention other schools, try something like maybe coming back as a part time nursing student.let them know you have looked at other majors at that school but their is nothing that has intrest you because nursing is where your heart is. the secondary action plan to me is a trap, no matter what school asks that stupid question. they wanna see if you are die hard nursing, show them you are willing to sacrafice even if you have to stay there longer. show them you want to be a part of that particular program, no other. the other universities are back-up but keep it to yourself. this is just my opinion, hope it helps
  3. by   Lin88
    I definitely agree with getting your therapist involved in the letter writing, or at least have him/her write a medical exemption letter stating what you are being treated for, etc. It's always a good idea to have an expert vouching for you. Good luck and let us know what happens!
  4. by   SnowRain7489
    My advisor said to write out plans that I have & not pay attention to 1mary/2ndary. I am moving back to my hometown & will start seeing a counselor there next Wed. Yesterday I talked w/ my current counselor & she wants me to see a psychiatrist & be put on Lexapro. I want to call a psychiatrist NOW, but I don't know how to get a hold of one?? I want to get on LEXAPRO b/c I know it will help immensely w/ my anxiety & I can put that in the letter. My current counselor said, "I will do anything u want me to I will call someone & talk to them on the phone, anything u want me to do, I will do it b/c u r struggling & I want to help u function in academia & in life." I wanted to cry of joy! So, I want to ask her to write something that I can turn in w/ my petition letter, I just don't know how to ask her/what I want her to put in the letter. Ya'll I'm not incompetent I know how to ask a question, but b/c of my anxiety I am hesitant in just asking a simple question, it's impairing me so much & I never used to be this way.

    lmb0730. How do I show them I willing to sacrifice? Thanks for ur recommendation regarding the study skills book I dohave problems w/ studying...b/c of my anxiety-I worry, am scaired, & quite often can't concentrate.
    lizmatt The deadline is June 1, 2009.
    dolcebellaluna "Stay healthy and on track" is what I'm going to do & wish for the committee to see that-thanks for your post! What did you have your therapist include in the note of explanation to your instructors??? This letter is going to go to the School of Nursing Readmittance Committee.
  5. by   pinkiepie_RN
    Quote from SnowRain7489
    dolcebellaluna "Stay healthy and on track" is what I'm going to do & wish for the committee to see that-thanks for your post! What did you have your therapist include in the note of explanation to your instructors??? This letter is going to go to the School of Nursing Readmittance Committee.
    Well I stayed in school and just had him write an explanation letter, allowing for me to receive extension on papers and exams, but it's still relative. He simply explained that we had been working together and it was a tough, stressful situation for me to deal with and asked for their empathy and sympathy. I didn't want special treatment, but I also didn't want to be given crap because I missed time in school. Lemme see if I can dig up a copy of that letter...
  6. by   lmb0730
    i meant by going part time and slowing down is a sacrafice because it would take you longer to finish the program. some ppl would not like this idea because who wants to stay in nursing school longer than they have to. so it kind is a sacrafice to slow your class up if it will help you stay in the program.( the overall sacrafice is staying their longer than you want to) that is basically what i meant, because you are giving an extra semester or extra year of your time to show them how committed you are.and do plz stay healthy, and if you are looking for a psychiatrist, grab that phone book girl,!!! and even check them out online if they have a website. pick who ever makes you feel comfortable the most. best of luck sweet heart!
  7. by   GucciRN22
    hey there, i don't have the ability to send private messages yet, but i'll do my best to answer your questions.

    basically, what i did was look around at all the schools that i could possibly go to (within my state) and then i looked at their programs. since i obviously didn't want to repeat any more classes than absolutely necessary, i looked at their classes and found two schools where i wouldn't have to repeat more than two classes. at one school i'd have to repeat mental health (which i passed, but that's when i almost quit nursing school!!!) and the class i failed, but at the other one, i'd only have to repeat the one i failed, plus, ob (which i loved!).

    the second school was further away, but given the choice between mental health and ob, there was no question! as for getting into their program, it was a lot easier, since i was more than halfway done and there wasn't a lot of waiting involved. the city college that admitted me had/has a waiting list as long as the next school, but since i was hopping in in the middle, there was a lot more of a chance to have open spots in a class from where other people had dropped/failed out.

    i don't remember writing an admission essay or anything like that, all i know is that i applied in june, the school okay'd me for admission in october. the school didn't call me or send me a letter or anything (for which they apologized) and i was in in january. no biggie.

    i hope it's as easy for you. just tell them the truth....there's no good story for failing out anyways!

    good luck!!!
  8. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    When my mother failed the LPN program 2x they did not let her back in even though she successfully completed the LPN the third time around. However, after she went to the director at the school they changed that rule. Maybe you can apply for the LPN and then do the LPN -RN bridge. At least this will get your foot in the door.

    She was also accepted at another CC as well. Good luck.
  9. by   SnowRain7489
    i've not heard from the committee regarding my petition. i'm still registered for the 2rn classes i was going to take this fall. i met w/the dean of student development, who is in charge of students who petition to come back to school for a medical reason. he said, "it's not that i don't believe it was this that affected u & that if u did not have these things go on that u would've done well we just need documentation that it was this that affected u & that u are better now & can continue in the program." he kept on saying over & over again..."it is highly unlikely that they will consider this a medical reason at this point in time, but u can try." medical exemptions r "supposedly" considered earlier in the semester. because he repeatedly said this, i got discouraged, really discouraged!! he said that i need to contact the school's counseling center to fax medical records to my dr. & my dr. contact the center, & the center will contact him. i've called school's center to fax records &... nothing. should i email the dean & tell him that i've put in requests to have my records faxed, but nothing has been done?

    this disturbed me when he said that he contacted the rnschool & they claimed they didn't know that this was going on w/ me. um...duh...i did tell my advisor in like april that i had an assessment done at the counseling center which resulted in my having anxiety & a little bit of depression. i didn't tell him that, but i'm thinking now that i should email him & tell him that, is that a good idea? i do know that everyone at the school keeps records of why students come in to meet w/a teacher/advisor/ secretary, etc. & what was discussed. i wonder if my advisor put this in? my advisor never told me anything about petitioning for a medical reason! it was my 2 counselors that told me to do that.

    i remember a girl 1st semester of rn school told me that the rnschool told her to petition for a medical leave (she had mono)...&she never came back-maybe she'll be back this fall09, i don't know. she also was lazy, late for class all the time, no call no show quite often, & dressed provocatively. the director of the school told me that the committee takes those types of things into consideration.

    my current counselor told me that i was progressing & am very functional in life and that she understands that there was just a small mishap last semester that prevented me in doing well. she is a god sent.

    what do i do know???