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I am starting my program in May and was wondering what everyone paid for books each semester? I asked my dad to pay for them but wanted to give him a realistic idea. My one friend who just... Read More

  1. by   Jen2
    Can I borrow your dad? Just kidding, that is so wonderful. I am in an ADN program. The first semester was about $600 for books and uniforms, second semester about $200, third semester about $150, and my final semester will be $100. Hope this helps.
  2. by   shel_wny
    Quote from NO1_2NV
    I just placed a book order today and the grand total was $600.00. Then add in equipment, scrubs, shoes, etc. I expect it will run close to $1000.00 before I am done.
    Did you add in your physical and CPR card costs too? Just my Hepitis B serum, which I have to pickup from the pharmacy and take to the physician, will be about $200.00 for all three injections.
    Wow! I'm so lucky that as a CNA, my employer paid for mine. And I got a nifty flu shot and PPD testing (+chest x-ray cause I tested positive) free to boot! Might be worth it even to make a career change to a CNA just for the shots (if you're even in the position to do something crazy like that). :chuckle

  3. by   Love4Me
    I spent $700 the first semester and only $350 for the second semester. I was told that some of the books that I purchased the first sememster would be used throughout the entire program. That made it a little bit easier to part with all that money.
  4. by   MtnMan
    Just found an awesome site for books if you are on of us brave online shoppers.


    This site does the searching for you, ebay, amazon, hal.com, well all of them it compares prices new and used and links you to the sites or auctions. For this spring I paid about $175 for $425 worth of books through amazon and ebay. All of my purchases were easy and the books are in great condition. Using ebay and amazon are what I recommend because sellers are mostly honest to protect their feedback. There are thousands of students out there who don't finish and want rid themselves of their lightly used books for more ethan the schoo; bokstore will give them for them.
  5. by   b_m_prosepct
    Last semester for my Chemistry class, I bought an old version textbook from the same author for only 1 dollar + 3 dollar shipping fee.

    I went to the library to read the latest version textbook when there is a need. I still socred highest in the class and got an A.

    Next semester I am going to do similar things to Anatomy & Physiology textbook. A&P is different from Chemistry. So with the money I save, I can spend another 20 bucks get two other decent A&P textbooks from other authors, and reading different textbooks will definitely help.