What are your plans for celebrating after...

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  2. What did you do after completing one of your goals (ie. getting into school, graduating from nursing school, passing NCLEX, etc)? Did you plan your celebration? Went on a trip? Party hard? Please share your stories with us...

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  4. by   flyersfan88
    After I graduate in May, I'm going to Italy with my mom, then going on vacation to an all-inclusive with my school friends. Can't wait!
  5. by   Levitas
    I graduate in 10 days!

    Next Friday is dress rehearsals (and the last day of school!), and the gang is going bar hopping that evening. I plan on imbibing gratuitously that evening Then, graduation is set to take place two days later on Sunday in which my family rented out a room at a sports bar where more gratuitous drinking will take place.

    After that, I'm in study mode until boards.
  6. by   dsb_fam
    I'm going to DisneyLand!!!! Yep, we promised the kids a trip to the Magic Kingdom after mom was finished. I can't wait!!!!
  7. by   Carrie RN
    I went to work immediately after graduating and took one day off to take the NCLEX. About six months later I took time off to go to Disney World that was a long time ago though.
  8. by   MsDanielle
    While it is still awhile until I find out if I get into nursing school, I honestly believe I will be in such a state of shock that I will just cry & cry. Also, I've missed having a social life so badly- it'd be nice to take a night off to go out, let loose, and not be worried and anxious.
  9. by   VampyrSlayer
    I already told my friend, if I find out I get into nursing school I'm going to go out and drink. If I find out I didn't get in I'm going to go out and drink heavily. I'm taking all online classes right now (one is a hybrid and we meet only once this month) I just realized today that I hadn't left my house in 8 days (I also have a foster dog at home who has severe separation anxiety so she needs to come with me everywhere (easier than taking her in the car). I finally went out today and felt like I forgot how to drive.
  10. by   MissH1967
    I drank 2 bottles of wine the day I took the NCLEX. I was so drunk.
  11. by   carrolls02
    My girlfriends and I will graduate in May with our ADN and we want to have a girls weekend camping. The running joke is our campfire will be fueled by our uniforms and ATI books! HaHa!
  12. by   Wifeoffireman
    When I graduate I want to cook a big dinner for husband and children. The following weekend I would like to go out of town just my husband and I! Quality time!
  13. by   VAgirl247
    I was thinking if hitting up my friend who lives in Australia and possibly visiting it.
  14. by   SHGR
    When I started grad school my friend gave me a bottle of Ouzo and told me to save it for when I graduate. So, there's that. (December 19th, 2014! WoOT!)
  15. by   lilredrunner
    Quote from dsb_fam
    I'm going to DisneyLand!!!! Yep, we promised the kids a trip to the Magic Kingdom after mom was finished. I can't wait!!!!
    I'm taking my three year-old to Disneyland with my family when I graduate in May! I am beyond excited.

    Then I'm having a bonfire with my nursing scrubs and 25-page care plans. It'll be fabulous.