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I'm starting school next month. Me and DH were just talking about it and he mentioned being concerned about me becoming a nurse and having to work odd-ball hours and not having the time to spend with... Read More

  1. by   KarenAR
    Oh, I am groaning with sympathy...

    About a month or two before school started, my hubby and I had a big discussion about money and whether I could even go back to school at all - mind you, I had already given notice at work and spent a year doing prerequisites. But basically we had a "money panic," and I wonder if your DH wasn't experiencing something similar. Going back to school while you're married w/kids can be both a great support and also a big stressor.

    And then there's the car thing...but maybe this will make you feel a little better: my microwave is broken, my air conditioner in my house is broken (and mind you, I am in North Carolina, where it is hot!), my husband's car recently broke down, my car is a lease and is due back to the dealership in two months but it has a broken windshield and needs new tires and a new air filter and a serious cleaning up of all the kids' crumbs and dog's hairs first, etc., etc. And oh yeah, my CD player (in my house) is broken, too - not a necessity, really, but one of my favorite providers of stress relief... And I don't have the money or time to deal with any of those things. But I just figure that the school budget is temporary. Eventually I will be able to pay for at least ONE of those repairs - ha!

    As for money when I get out of school, RN starting salaries in my area are the same as what I was making in my magazine editing job before starting school. So I know that at least I'll be at the same level, and can go up from there. Even if I did stay at the same level, I know that I'll come home from a day of nursing feeling much more fulfilled than I did coming home from a day of correcting grammar and making sure advertisers were happy with their quotes in the magazine. Like LVNurse said, nursing will give more rewards than just "what's in the envelope," so I'm looking forward to that.

    And maybe I'm naive, but one of the "practical" reasons I am going into nursing is that it WILL let me see my family more. I like the fact that there are various schedules like doing three 12-hour days, which leaves me four days with the family; or Baylor plans where I can work two 12-hr weekend shifts and get paid for full-time, leaving the whole week free for kids' field trips, etc.; or early a.m. shifts so I'm out in time to pick the kids up from school and have time in the afternoons and evenings. Even if I have to work a less-than-desirable shift for my first job, that's OK. I won't be a newbie forever, so eventually I'll have a better choice of schedule.

    By the way, the bus ain't bad! My commute to school is 40 minutes by car but 1.5 hours by bus. Still, I take the bus whenever I can because (1) it saves on gas and mileage on my car, (2) it lets me sleep and/or study while I travel, (3) I don't arrive at school or back home with white knuckles and clenched teeth, and (4) I think I stand a better chance against a Yukon or Suburban if I'm in the big ol' bus than if I'm in my little Saturn wagon. Add to that the benefits of community (chatting with fellow bus riders) and doing less damage to the environment. So if you have to resort to the bus, just give yourself extra time to learn the schedules and routes, and then sit back and enjoy the ride!
  2. by   studentOH
    My best friend works agency..mostly indiana and ohio. $38/hour...has an ADN and about 3 years experience. Just crappy benefits.