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I probably shouldn't post this, because I am afraid of the bad comments and such, but I had to talk to discuss my situation. First off, I feel terrible about what I did, and I learned another... Read More

  1. by   kittyw
    Something that I am curious about (but we probably won't know the answer & not trying to put any blame on the patient) is did the patient read the prescription labels? I figure the pharmacy is the very last person that can intervene in a situation like this.... it's unfortunate that many people either don't read the label or can't read the label. Reading the label in this instance should have raised some questions and therefore have gotten her some answers.

    Just something I was thinking while taking my shower this morn. Carry on.
  2. by   RN always
    If only we were ALL perfect enough not to make mistakes! I commend you for admitting your mistake. It's over now, move on and try to think of all the lives you will be SAVING in the future!
  3. by   missionnurse
    Please give yourself a god pep talk! We all need you to continue, and if anyone in my family were to need diabetic teaching now, you could do it!

    Why? Because that's one mistake you will probably NEVER make again! You'll probably be the best insulin teacher in the place!!

    Don't you dare give up!!

    You can do it!!!!!!

    Misty :kiss :wink2: :spin:
  4. by   renerian
    I understand how rotten you feel. You need to look at this as a learning experience. After I graduated I had a transcription error and got written up. I never got one again as I scrutinized all orders.

    Learn and that is good.

  5. by   kimmicoobug
    I think I have definitely learned that I have to be more assertive towards some of those nurses out there who don't like working with students. Especially since in less than a year, I will be working with those nurses. I am realizing that this is a tough field to go into. I also feel rotten because the instructor I got the talking to has never had me in clinical. She had to talk to me because she is the lead and it is her job. She will have me next quarter and I know she will keep her eye on me, and I don't blame her! If I screw up again this year, it will affect my grade. That has me worried. I have a tendency to focus on my failings for awhile which may cause me to screw up further. I try not too, but I find myself obsessing so I don't make the same mistakes. So, if I do screw up again and say, I have a B, it would drop me to a C and that is failing. I have an A in clinical now, so if it dropped my grade, I would still pass with a B. Ok, all, thanks for letting me talk about this. I feel like I am dealing with this incident, but I am already looking to my next clinical and thinking that I can be a safe nurse. And I also plan on making myself be more assertive with the staff, if they don't like it...tough. I will become a pain in the ass and tell my current instructor why (without a whole lot of detail)