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Hey guys! How are all of you? I just can't seem to get enough of this site!!! I love it! :D Ok, here's my post for the night: What are some really good nursing websites? I want to know about sites... Read More

  1. by   elkaye
    hello.. is there somebody who knows a site for all the nursing theories?? plss... thanks.
  2. by   healer27
    Thanks to all these sites are great!!
  3. by   Angels'
    Thanks for all the sites to look over during my break times...

  4. by   GilbertDaddy
    Quote from jooona
    Hey! I was just wondering if any of you know any website where I can download or practice dosage calculation? I have my first Math test this week and I just want as much practice as I can get. Thanks
    Hey Jooona!

    I don't have the first part for ya, but I do know where you can practice / test yourself

    This is one I built specifically for nursing students (myself at first, but as other students started using it, I've been adding on to it like crazy )

    If you have practice tests, study guides, etc. plug them into a test that you create, and quiz yourself until you "get it".

    If you're at work and can only take time for 5 quick questions - you can do it from your desk w/o getting into trouble for busting out your backpack, etc If you have time for a full practice test, that works too!

    Each time you take the test it records your performance so that in the "My Scores" section you can see:

    1) How many questions the test has

    2) How many times you've taken the test

    3) What your highest score was

    4) What your lowest score was

    5) When the test was last taken (date and time)

    6) The score of your last test

    7) Your Average TEST Score (average based on how many times the test was taken divided into the score total)

    8) Your TOTAL Average Score for the test (because you can take a test with as many questions as you want at a time, this tracks exactly what your average is based off of the total number of questions taken and the total number of questions answered correctly)

    9) Progress Timeline (In Bar or Line Graph Format)

    10) Grading Pie Chart (shows how many A's, C's, etc. you've gotten)

    11) Problem Areas

    a. Probably the most IMPORTANT section - this calculates which questions are being missed the MOST allowing the user to re-take the test with ONLY those questions. Based on the theory that the more you hammer your worst questions, the easier they are to master. The user gets to select how many "problem questions" to show.

    12) Past Test Results (allows the user to view past tests in order to delete test results for a particular date if necessary [example: you were showing someone how the site worked - that shouldn't count against you])

    If ya find this useful let me know where and how it can be improved - after spending $400 on a SINGLE CLASS, I figured us students could use every ounce of help possible, especially since it's free

    Oh, and only an email and password is needed to register. Feel free to let me know what you think!!

    Hope that helps!
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  5. by   Tracey2bRN
    I found a great one to help with a&P and Fundamentals. It's

    Click on medicine and take it from there. I have come up a letter grade since utilizing this site!!
    Tracey in FL
  6. by   rnstu06
    These sites are great and will keep me busy for awhile!!!

    I just started taking my basic nursing classes like dosage calculations and of course the lovely english. Then it will be off to anatomy and intro to health careers but starting in September i am going to be starting my Phlebotomy classes. Just wondering if anyone knew of any phlebotomy web sites. Thanks
  7. by   Back2School@40
    A couple more great scrubs and accessories sites: (awesome especially for ER and critical care) (totally cute badge holders) (tons of really cute and functional scrubs) :redpinkhe

    Love them all!!
  8. by   petsexy
    thank u so much for the site,it has really been of great help to me.
  9. by   MrsMommaRN
  10. by   chripy
    I need an article no more than three years old about decision making and conflict. Preferably, one that I do not have to pay for. Any advice?
  11. by   nursekc
    When I did my annotated bibs for comp OB this last semester, I tried finding good articles that were free as well, but I had no luck. I think I ended up paying around $7.00 per article at Good luck if you do find any that are free, otherwise nursingcenter is a good source.
  12. by   *Pepper*

    This website offers instructional videos for a CNA program.

    Each video is about 30 minutes.
  13. by   4U2Bblessed
    thanks...these are great!