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Hey guys! How are all of you? I just can't seem to get enough of this site!!! I love it! :D Ok, here's my post for the night: What are some really good nursing websites? I want to know about sites... Read More

  1. by   keng67goat
    I guess with all the postings of other sites, this site is all you need.
  2. by   orion
    I know some websites that are going to help us get good jobs.Here they are
  3. by   xiahe
    anybody have any good general/organic/biochemistry websites?
  4. by   nursinginga
    Thank you so much for this site. I am just starting in the nursing program and have plugged in my medical terminology list and it is great help. Thank you so much and God bless.
  5. by   jessicaj
    great sites...thanks
  6. by   nursinginstructordmy
    Try this site, it has great flashcards and gamelike activities..kind of fun
  7. by   psalm_55
    don't like definition of nursing. it perpetuates the layman's understanding of nursing, makes us subserviant, and makes us "invisible" in the healthcare system.

    just needed to get that off my chest.
  8. by   ishy25
    hi guys, can u give me some websites about "nutrition,elimination and sleep of the older adults??" thx..
  9. by   Leopardspots85
    Does anyone have a good Chemistry Website for beginners???
    Need to find a good one soon!!
  10. by   Daytonite
    Quote from leopardspots85
    does anyone have a good chemistry website for beginners???
    need to find a good one soon!!
    try these. they are for high school students: - this is an online resource with many links to all kinds of help with chemical subjects on a website for preparing for the new york regent's exam in high school chemistry. within the links are explanations of the topics as well as some worksheets with answers, particularly in solving equations. - website of a high school general chemistry class. lots of links to helpful information and tutorials - the chem team. a tutorial for high school chemistry.
  11. by   gemini_star
    Any good Microbiology and Fundamentals of Nursing websites?
  12. by   cleo1104
    OK here is the website my University recommends.

    THey offer free study guides (all types). These are day by day plans that tell you exactly what to do etc.
    Click on the study zone area and you will find all of the freebies.

    THey also have MP3 players with NCLEX downloaded on them. I feel confident that I will pass the NCLEX becuase of this plan. Cleo
  13. by   Tnurse3329
    a neat website for EKGs and heart is

    can even take a test to see if you understand...