1. Hi everyone--i am so nervous - I am waiting once again to see if i will get in the ADN program in janurary --i applied last semester and didnt get in --they sent me a letter saying that i met all of the requirements but there were no open spaces at this time--so cross your fingers for me this semester--i dont have all A's but i do have all B's and this semester i will be done with all ofmy prereq's and all classes not pertaining to nursing--so all i have left is to get in and work on only nursing classes--ive heard that at my school there are only 125 slots and about 4-500 people apply every semester--just wondering if there are that many people applying at your school and ifyou have to make straight A's to be considered--does anybody know?? again cross your fingers for me i have two weeks before i find out--anybody else waiting to get in for january?? Have a great day!!:roll
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  3. by   PennyLane
    Shelby--I have my fingers crossed for you!! I'm going to be applying for a BSN program that starts in June. App is due Dec. 15th. Apparently they don't turn away too many people there--the applicants that aren't strong, they encourage NOT to apply. They say you can't have lower than a B in any of your science pre-reqs. Right now I'm pulling a 97 in A&P, so I figure I'm right on track.

    Let us know how it goes!!! Good luck!!!
  4. by   javamom
    Good luck to you! I'm in the same predicament! I'm crossing my fingers for you and me! I'm hoping I get in this January as well. Our slots are MUCh lower though. The university I attend only has 50 spots per semester so it's "slim pickens" here. Make sure to let us know when you find out! All crossable parts are crossed for you!
  5. by   TeresaRN2b
    Good luck Stacey & Shelby! I am waiting too, but I am pregnant now so I wouldn't have tried for the nursing class starting this January. I am hoping for next one. I hate it that the part time program at my school only admits once a year. Ideally I'd like to start in August. Oh well, such is life. GOOD LUCK to both of you! Let us know if you get in!

  6. by   srose
    hi stacey and shelby, i am totally in your same shoes!!! i applied for an ADN nursing program that begins in january, and they should be sending out notifications within the next couple of weeks, so i'm dying of anticipation!! good to know there's other people out there who are stalking their mailmen everyday! LOL

    GOOD LUCK to everyone who's waiting to find out, let us know as soon as you hear!

  7. by   shelby88669
    thanks everyone that replied--yeah im stalking my mailman everyday for the next two weeks lol---im glad im not the only on waiting impatiently-------fingers crossed for all of us--ill let you know and you do the same
  8. by   MelH
    got my fingers crossed for you!!!
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  10. by   MidwifeWannaB
    Good luck Shelby!

    I was admitted to my school's program for this coming spring, and was very excited when I got my letter. My school admits 30 a semester, and my letter was sent out the day after our file had to be completed, so I must have done really well on my entrance exam.

    I'm sure you'll get in, and then we'll be in the same graduating class. CLASS OF 2004, BABY!!!