VENTING (kind of long)

  1. Hello fellow students! Please let me use this thread to release my frustrations so I don't go crazy.
    Okay first of all, all of you CNA's that are almost nurses, you will feel me on this one. The other day I went into work (LTCF) and there was a new resident. She was a post op Rt. hip repair, okay first of all I came in and the first shift aide (she's the one who thinks she could be a surgeon) had this patient not only leaning but completely turned on to her right side, laying right on her incision. Not only was this poor tiny lady crying out in pain when I repositioned her she said "The other aide said I had to lay on my Right side" when she had previously asked to be moved. Then that aide came in and screamed at me because on the facilitys "turn schedule" this pt. had to be on her right.
    Now everyone in nursing school. I am in the final week of my clinicals. We are on a peds/med-surg floor. In four weeks I will be completely finished with school all we have left is our preceptor and final hesi. This is even our last week of theory. So why do nursing instructors insist on treating us like we are stupid????
    Granted, we are their responsibility and it is their problem if we screw up but yesterday a clinical instructor asked me if I knew how to correctly empty a foley!!!! Yes, i learned that about 7 years ago in STNA class!! Then she asked another student who has been an LPN for 10 years if she knew what the med she was giving was for... SHE WAS GIVING INSULIN!!! If we don't know that by now, give me a break.

    Sorry for spending your time with my complaining...just a little stressed!!
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  3. by   dosamigos76
    Sorry for the stress. Thank goodness you moved that LOL! She must have been in agony.
  4. by   GPatty
    Bless you heart....but believe me, even after you graduate, certain ones will continue to do dumb things and treat you like you are ignorant...just smile and hang in there, doing things your them the correct way.
  5. by   Rapheal
    Oh gosh this reminded me of when I was on the floor, my first day as an RN and I go to check an equipment alarm. It is a continueous pulse ox and the sat % was zero. The patient is A&O and talking. I go to check the alligator clip because I know it has come off. The LPN starts yelling at me to move because the patient "IS DESATTING!!!!!! (Much histrionics on her part.)

    Well once the clip was back on her finger she was 98%. Some people just aren't too bright. Anyways, Thank goodness you moved that poor patient off her hip.