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  1. Hi guys!!! Just checking in. My mom's progress seems to be stuck in a rut. Her walking has gotten worse,because she feels dizzy whenever she stands up. She's afraid to go to the bathroom for fear of falling down. She's also nauseated most of the time. The dr. has her on Tigan but it only seems to work short-term. We keep trying but seem to be getting nowhere fast. She has a dr.s appt. Wed afternoon maybe answers will come then,cause I sure don't know anymore. She is discouraged and quite frankly so am I. Nothing seems to work anymore,and I can't seem to make it better no matter how hard I try. Maybe I SHOULD JUST GIVE UP. Sorry for the rant,but I am really hurting. See ya later. WARRIOR WOMAN.
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  3. by   live4today
    ((((((hugs warrior woman))))))) :kiss Please hang in there, and don't give up! Perhaps you need to just let yourself cry until you can't cry anymore. The pain and frustration you are feeling is all so very "normal" in situations such as yours with your mother being sick and so dependant on you. Isn't there anyone else who can help you out with her? No other family close by, or close family friends? I'll say a prayer for you right now for your rest tonight to be peaceful, that you will wake up feeling rested, and that your mother will be able to rest calmly tonight as well. :kiss
  4. by   Freebird55
    I'll be praying for you both.
    God Bless.
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i will also keep you and your mom in my prayers.