Update on situation (EVERYTHING IS MUCH BETTER)

  1. Well, Monday was a bad day but Today was much better. The horrible test I had Monday the instructors had to either throw out some questions and add points because of bad grammar to make the question confusing or accept 2 answers on some questions because of conflicting information. One answer regarding something was given in lecture while the assigned reading said something totally different. Well I got a much better grade than what I thougt. I got a 78% a C+ instead of a D-. So right now going into finals my grade in my nursing health management class stands at a 85% so I need to get a high C on the final to keep my B and I CAN and I WILL do it.

    The second good news I found out the results of my 3rd pharmacology test and I got an A can you believe that. I am bouncing off the walls right about now. I have a 85% in pharmacology as it stands now. So I can get a C on the final at the minimum and still get a B.

    The 3rd good news is I got my nursing research paper back and I got an A on that paper.

    The 3rd good news is my clinical instructor from this semester would like to be my mentor. She feels that I have VERY excellent clinical skills and have wonderful potential but she said for some reason I am still not being assertive enough and she feel that I don't feel so confident at times and second-guess myself a little too much when I am right. She is very right about that. She also said that she knows I know it and she wants to help me because she feels that I have what it takes to not only become a everyone. She said she sees that I am one who does not give up wonderful, caring nurse but to go further in nursing and do many wonderful things especially with graduate education. She would like to help me and we will sit down at least once a week and talk about things like classes and clinicals. She is not doing this with when the going gets rough and I am very determined as a young single parent in school and she has seen so many young single parents drop out of nursing school since she started teaching who had wonderful potential but did not have that mentor who would be there to listen and talk things out with. I very happily accepted her invitation.

    Well, got to get back to studying for finals.
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  3. by   Ortho_RN
    Glad things are going much better today
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Isn't God good! Good for you, Peaceful!
  5. by   MRed94
    Glad to hear somebody is having a good day!

    Good for you.