University of Rochester ABPNN May 2018

  1. Starting a thread for the May, 2018 start date. Does anyone know the timetable for interviews and the process in general? I was hoping to keep in touch with others along the way. Thank you!
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  3. by   FutureMurse_Pierre21
    Hey, I am applying for the May 2018 class. I just had my interview yesterday
  4. by   Bonnechance6
    Hey! Thanks for the response! Do you know when the interviews started? Was yours in Rochester or by phone? Just trying to get a feel. How did it go?
  5. by   FutureMurse_Pierre21
    I am not sure when they started but I saw two others being interviewed. I did my interview in person. It was pretty laid back and then a tour to end
  6. by   Bonnechance6
    Thank you so much. Good luck!
  7. by   FutureMurse_Pierre21
    You too!
  8. by   Ohm268
    Yes, the interviews have begun. They originally wanted me to interview Friday (tomorrow) but I had a conflict so the interview was moved to Monday instead. Good luck to everyone in their interviews!
  9. by   Ohm268
    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to reach out and see how everyone felt about their interviews for those that have had them already. I was kind of disappointed with the interview that I had but I wanted to see if I was the only one that felt that way. Perhaps it was just the way I interviewed but I didn't leave with a very good impression of the school.

    For those that will have their interviews in the future, feel free to chime in with your thoughts as well once you have had your interviews.
  10. by   FutureMurse_Pierre21
    What didn't you like about the interview?
  11. by   Bonnechance6
    Haven't had mine yet. Is there only one interviewer, or multiple interviewers? I was under the impression that only one person handled all of them. I am looking forward to interviewing.
  12. by   Bonnechance6
    I am thinking we are looking at next year for decisions. Is that your impression?
  13. by   Ohm268
    Quote from FutureMurse_Pierre21
    What didn't you like about the interview?
    I will start off by saying that I understand that our interviewers do see a lot of interviewees on a given day and I can appreciate that it is a lot of effort to interview prospective applicants. I have been there myself once upon time as a recruiter/interviewer and understand how much work it takes to vet prospective students.

    That being said, I wasn't happy about my interview for a couple of reasons. It seemed that my interviewer had not looked at my resume prior to conducting my interview which is generally a basic requirement before you even meet the candidate. The interviewer got the the university where I graduated from incorrect, was surprised by how long ago it has been since I graduated with my bachelors, and had no understanding of my clinical experience even after I explained to the interviewer my role and the types of clinicians I interacted with. A quick 2 min Google search would have yielded a lot of background information on my clinical experiences even if the interviewer was unfamiliar with them if done prior to the interview.

    The interview is not only a chance for the university to see if I, as an applicant, would be a good match for the school and program but also whether I believe the university is a good match for me as a student. It goes both ways. We all spent a lot of time writing our essays, asking our LOR writers to take time out of their day to draft our letters, we also paid a fee to apply. The tuition itself for the program is very high so it is a large financial investment equivalent to buying a car or putting a down payment on a new home. Not something done lightly without due thought and consideration. I want to make sure that my investment is worthwhile and that a certain amount of professionalism is inherent throughout the entire application process and within the program. The interviewer is our introduction to the school and is a representative of both the school and the program. As an applicant, when I go into an interview and the interviewer is clearly unprepared, it devalues the work I have put in to apply and shows a lack of respect for me as an applicant. I also took the time to write out my questions and prepare for the interviewer beforehand, I had a printout in front of me with answers to the common questions that they were going to ask and I also did additional research in the areas that I wanted to ask more in depth questions about with the interviewer so that I could help keep the interview moving since I know the interviewer's time is valuable.

    That is why I was not happy about the interview and why I left the interview feeling disappointed given the stellar reputation the school has in both its clinical and academic areas.
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  14. by   Ohm268
    Quote from Bonnechance6
    I am thinking we are looking at next year for decisions. Is that your impression?
    Yes, it is an one on one interview but I am not sure if it is the same person or not. Yes, the decisions are released next year according to previous threads. The next few months are interviews for both the ABPNN and a possible second interview if you are interviewing for the AMPNN.
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