types of hair care and general eye care

  1. hey everyone i am a student nurse and we were ask by our clinical instructor to research about types of hair care and general eye care... i kept on surfing the net and wasn't so sure about what i found so am asking for your help since most of you here are already nurses...i hope u reply my message... thank you very much...
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  3. by   Daytonite
    hi, pinksdcolor!

    i did find a couple of links for you. i do know that with hospitalized patients, especially those with long hair, you want to make sure the hair is combed or brushed at least daily. i saw a young patient with long hair many years ago whose hair was never combed or brushed and she was thrashing about quite actively with a head injury. her hair became very matted and it was feared that the only solution was going to be cutting most of her hair off. luckily, one of the nurses stayed over one day and spent hours patiently working on the hair until all the tangling was able to be combed out.

    i'm not sure what your instructor means by eye care. that usually means having regular exams.

    http://www.pg.com/science/haircare/hair_twh_65.htm - hair care

    http://www.napptural.com/washing-dreadlocks.html and http://www.napptural.com/loc-faqs.html about dreadlocks and their care

    http://www.lowvisiononline.unimelb.e...vcountries.htm - cause and prevention of common external eye problems in developing countries

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  4. by   fleur-de-lis
    In the hospital where I have clinicals, they have these waterless shampoo caps that you can put on a pt, massage around and it dries up some of the oil. It is great for the pts that can't have showers, especially the younger gals with real long hair. You would not believe how much more human they feel after this! Not sure if that is what your instructor means, but I think it is pretty cool!
  5. by   suzanne4
    No-Rinse Shampoo works great for most. Pour it on, massage it in, and towel it off. Nothing could be easier.
  6. by   missninaRN
    For eye care could your instructor be referring to general cleaning of the eye area (i.e. wipe from inner canthus to outer, use fresh area of cloth for each wipe), and perhaps how to care for a glass eye? I think I saw something in my skills book about caring for a glass eye. I also read something somewhere about caring for the eyes of a comatose patient:eye closure and instillation of lubricating drops, maybe?
    Just some ideas from a newbie.
  7. by   fgoff
    The LTC unit I worked often used 1/2 Baby Shampoo to remove crust from the eyes. It was a Routine PRN order that the MD had to check each quater to continue it use.