Traditional BSN for 2nd Degree?

  1. My head is spinning with the number of options out there... I have 4 small children and an undergrad in Sociology and Masters in Special Education. Almost no science. I'm taking A&P I this semester. I'm looking at all the different options and one that I don't see discussed anywhere is applying to a 4 year school and transferring in all your gen education courses and applying as a regular undergraduate - just taking the nursing courses that way? I am in Massachusetts and attended UMass Boston, so I was thinking of applying to their traditional BSN program rather than their accelerated program, which seems to be WAY more expensive and from what I have heard is very disorganized. I'm just wondering if anyone has done this or if there is a downside to doing it this way? It seems like it would take about the same time? But maybe I'm missing something?
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  3. by   PA_RN87
    Make sure they don't have a limit on the number of credits you can transfer. Some colleges will only accept a certain number of transfer credits, so you'd basically have to "re-take" some classes you've already taken if you went the transfer route (which wouldn't be a problem for accelerated programs).
  4. by   203bravo
    I attended a traditional program for my 2nd degree in nursing. The University that I attended did not offer an accelerated option, but every credit that I had transferred. There were only 4 classes that were required that I did not obtain from my first degree so I opted to take them from a local community college and all were on-line and transferred those in as well... Then simply went to the University for 2 years in their BSN program.

    Most Universities that I found do no limit the amount of credits you can transfer in, rather they have a requirement for the number of the credits that must be obtained from their University to obtain a degree. Of course the BSN route would meet that requirements.

    Best of luck.