1. Hi there I was looking through the threads and had a question maybe you can help me with I am a new student and am looking for tools that I can print to take with me taped to my clipboard to refer to kinda like the nurse clipboard has on it, and I was also wanting other papers such as a fill in the blank type assessment tool that I can stick in my pocket and take in the patients room to write my findings on.... any help would be greatly appreciated....
    Thank you
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    I've seen a small book called RN Notes which you can write on and has tons of info for clinicals. Hope that helps.

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    Angelwings2007. . .I know exactly what you are talking about. I've got stuff on my clipboard that I've carried around for years! Look to the left and you'll see I've been an RN for 30 years. Some of the stuff I've gotten from drug reps, xeroxed from textbooks or just made up myself. They got put onto my clipboard because I had a need for them at the time. And, that's how you'll put together your personal little library, too. A one page assessment tool might be hard to come by. I have one on my clipboard that came from a hospital I worked at years ago. Haven't see one on the internet. Do you have a care plan book? Some of the care plan books have an assessment tool in them in the section on data collection, usually at the beginning where they are talking about the nursing process. Also, the medical dictionaries have a list of things to check during assessments in their appendixes. Next time you're in the hospital grab a blank nursing admission assessment form to use as a guideline as well.
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