Today was Orientation & Reg.

  1. The day FINALLY came! Today was orientation & registration . The woman over the LPN program seems very nice & so was her staff. She explained that the people sitting around you will become like your sisters (no guys in this class). And also informed us that anything that can happen, will happen this year while we're in school.:confused

    In 01' 97% of the graduates passed their boards on the first shot. Last yr it was 83%. Should I be concerned? The school is kinda old and classrooms are a bit small. The school I am at now, doing general courses - is new/state of the art place.

    Overall, I was very pleased with the talk. I was VERY UNHAPPY to learn that we will not be wearing caps . (yes, I know that most people don't like them, but I really do). They do give you a blue/gold striped cap at the capping/pinning graduation

    The cost is about 3500 for everything - I didn't think that was too bad. Oh, & I ordered my steth-scp today for $71.00 The company begins w/ an L. I ordered Hunter green, thought it would go good w/ my red hair:roll .

    But ya know, I AM IN & I AM HAPPY & EXCITED & NERVOUS. Just wanted to share.
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  3. by   KAYfutureLPN
    Lucky! Tuition, fees, supplies, ect. are estimated to be 9,700 something at my school. It's also a 1 year program.
  4. by   kathygalpn
    :roll Hey I am a student we are in clinical part of our program and they told ya the truth you become like family AND WE WEAR THE CAPS!!!! They really get in the way expecially if ya have someone in traction or a patient who is 100% unmobile.I wish you the best of luck if ya need help my email is listed .Nursing school is alot of work and the better support ya have the better it is.I love nursing because I have a love for peaple .Looking forward to talking with ya'll...can ya tell I'm from the south!
  5. by   Mithrah
    $3,500 for everything is pretty good. I just got my tuition bill in the mail today and for my 2nd semester it is only costing me $497. So for me to get an ADN RN degree it will cost me about $3,000 total (books are expensive!!). I know an out of state student who is going to a university and paying over $5,000 for just one semester! And that doesn't even include books!

    Good luck at school.
  6. by   FullMoonMadness
    What school are you going to that is an hour away from Atlanta? I took my LPN in that area about 15 years ago and all those schools had done away with the caps during clinical. In fact,only one area hospital still required it at that time, and I believe they have also done away. Just curious, as this makes it seem GA is going back instead of forward. Thanks.
  7. by   kathygalpn
    I am at athens tech we are begging to not wear them but wear them for pinning but our instructor is an awesome lady with alot of experience only the lpns wear them not rns but I thing we are only ones in ne ga area.I'm sure they will do away with the caps when she retires but she says not till then and she claims she is hanging on .They are just a pain to me..but i will wear it on my nose to get through clinicals if thats what it takes
  8. by   Rhoresmith
    Oh our school doesnt even have them for the pinning I am in an LPN program for the fall and am on standby for ADN and the neither program wears caps. I am 42 and have always dreamed of being a nurse so the cap was always part of the dream. I worked in Resp Therapy 16 yrs ago when most nurses still wore caps and white uniforms and I know that they are a pain but would love to at least have one for graduation I mean after all the hard work everyone talks about oh well good luck to you all !!!

  9. by   justjenn
    My school is not near Atlanta, it is in SC. I am about 2 hrs. from Atlanta - Actually, where I will attend school is about an hour & change away from out state capital.

    I really can't wait. I am ready to begin - to see if I make it or not. Gosh, I hope I do.

    Take care all
  10. by   TeresaRN2b
    Congrats! Sounds like an exciting day. Good luck to you in the start of your program.