tips on studying & reading for ABSN

  1. does anyone have ANY words of advice or suggestions on how to read or even study ALL those books in an accelerated BSN program?

    how do you do it? and how was your experience in applying book knowledge to clinicals and skill lab?
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  3. by   SA2BDOCTOR
    I Would love to know myself:spin: Great question!!!
  4. by   iwannabeanurse06
    hi all,
    don't know if this info will still help you but i just graduated from an ABSN program. We did the "divide & conquer". We divided the reading & we each wrote summaries of our sections & shared with each other. Then we'd get together & review the material together.
    hope that helps!!
  5. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    I would love to hear other responses also. I just got my booklist for my 1st semester of an ADN program, and we have to have 18 books, plus 2 more for orientation. How in the world does a person read through that many books in 1 semester, plus go to 4 classes, do labs and have clinicals?!? That to me just doesn't add up! I love to read and am a very fast reader, but come on, that is a little ridiculous!!! Anyway, I would love some tips or ideas. Thanks~