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  1. "Never think you won't be accepted into the program. Prepare as if a position has already been offered."

    "If you're going into the LVN Program, take A&P (Anatomy & Physiology) 2A and 2B; you'll find it very helpful."

    "Attend a Nursing Workshop so you can get all the details and plan ahead."

    "Know fractions and decimals!"

    "Do all the prerequisites and suggested courses before entering if at all possible."

    "Discover what learning style is best for you before you start."

    "Learn to do without."

    "Start an educational plan with
    a counselor."

    " Learn to study and focus."

    "Balance your life and get out of major stressors before getting into the nursing program...(if you need to move, do it first!)"

    "If you're waiting to get into the program, take a medical
    terminology class. Pharmacology also helps."

    "Make sure you have a dependable vehicle."

    "Organize your finances and use student aid."

    "Know that your schedule will need to be very flexible if you must work during school."

    "Talk to someone who knows how the Nursing Program functions. Don't assume things."

    Below are their suggestions for ways to succeed once you're in the program:

    "Focus, Focus, and Focus!!"

    "Join a good study group."

    "Get some exercise and rest. Keep balance in your life!"

    "Use any and all resources you can to concentrate on studying."

    "Reserve time for play."

    "Stay in close contact with your RCC Big Sister or Big Brother."

    "Update your educational plan with counselor each semester!"

    "Gather and keep supportive people around you."

    "Keep breathing!"

    "Take advantage of the Nursing Computer Lab."

    "Never leave school without being very clear what to do on homework assignments."
    "Know and understand pathophysiology...then everything else will fall in place."
    "Keep a regular daily study time!"

    "Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today!"

    "Set aside time away from your studies, then return in a decent amount of time."

    "Sign up for Nursing 7, especially during intersessions. You can freshen up on skills, dosage calculation, care planning and much more, with seminars and one-to-one help."

    "Take advantage of all new opportunities to grow from experiences in both the campus and clinical areas."

    "Make sure you spend an adequate amount of time studying each day."

    "DO NOT WAIT UNTIL the last minute to do your assignments!"
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  3. by   Mkue
    Great tips, all on one post !!

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Can you pm or post the site you found these? Thanks! They're wonderful!
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    Originally posted by javamom
    Can you pm or post the site you found these? Thanks! They're wonderful!
    I agree! these are great. Can you post the site? thanks.
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    Thanks for the post! Lots of good tips.