Thoughts on 1st semester.

  1. I finished my first semester of nursing school today. It was really different. I was accepted with a 4.0 average without a sweat. (There were some students in my class with a 3.0). I thought i didn't have to work so hard to pass. I thought I'd pass without stressing even with a C, I would still be happy. If i only knew what i kniw now, things would be different. But our grades are in and I failed one of my classes by a few points. Now, I can't move on to next semester until I retake this class by itself. The feeling sucks, but oh well. I came into this program with my mind blank, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. But now I do, I'm ready to restart fresh, and positive. This is going to be the most stressful and energy draining time of my life. But it will be worth it at the end. 🎓
    Does anyone want to share their thoughts about how their 1st semester was, and any tips for me?
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  3. by   KgreenLPN
    My first semester at ECC was also a breeze. I was in he LPN track! Your doing great! Get ready for the next semester and keep plugging away!
  4. by   emmjayy
    Quote from KgreenLPN
    My first semester at ECC was also a breeze. I was in he LPN track! Your doing great! Get ready for the next semester and keep plugging away!
    I'm not sure you read the entire post, OP failed the first semester

    OP, I understand the attitude you went in with. I also thought I'd be able to get through school with a minimum amount of stress/work due to being a 4.0 student in my prior degrees. Nursing school is just different and you actually need to put a lot of work in. I think you know that now. My suggestion is to stay on top of studying as much as possible, even if it feels like a drag. First semester is the easiest, all other semesters just keep building on your knowledge base and getting more advanced. What helped me to pass my first year of nursing school with a 3.8 GPA was sitting down and sweating out the studying every week. I would review the content we learned in the last week, make flashcards for important things, and assemble/skim the powerpoint notes for the next week of class so I could be prepared for the info I'd be getting. I'd prep for clinical by reading my notes on whatever issues my patient had and making flashcards of points to remember to bring on clinical with me - this helped cement the concepts in my head. You just gotta do the work and work as hard as you can in clinical to apply the concepts you learned in class. You also need to put effort into the extra assignments so you don't get your grade dragged down!
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    I do apologize I read part of post early and assumed by the start that you did well! Don't let this minor set back deter you! Failing does not mean your not intelligent! I finished with quite a few people who repeated a semester and they are still successful!! You will be good! Keep pushing and don't let this stop you!!!!!!!!
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    Also like the last post study and make sure you take the hesi tests serious because those are points that could make a huge difference! Keep good notes and ask questions ! Find a good study group preferably a small Group of people who are serious about Nursing school and about their grades!
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    Thanks☺ I'm going to try all of that next semester! I'm going to just relax this summer and just watch youtube videos and look up nursing tips and basics.
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    Hey. How was the program at North? How were the teachers and the grading? Was there anyone who was terrible or someone who was great. I just want to be prepared and ready for next semester. ☺
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    I did an accelerated BSN program and many of our faculty warned us to not be caught too off guard if we aren't perfect A students in nursing school. Since it was a competitive program, many bright students who had gotten A grades all their lives received a rude awakening their first semester -- some dropped/failed classes just to stay afloat. But then, many bounced back really well and did great through the rest of the program! Sometimes it's just a matter of being faced with a challenge unlike one you've never dealt with before. You eventually learn to adapt and overcome it
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    The program at North was challenging! It helped and hurt that I was an LPN because I came in in thinking like a Nurse in the first and second semester so when the 3rd semester hit! I was in trouble! I knew I had to change/broaden my nursing knowledge and way of thinking or I would not be successful in the program! The teachers are fair.... but they do not let you skate by. They challenge you! You can't go in thinking that because it's a different campus that you can have the same behavior despite what others say about North. Just go in with a fire in you and ready to work! Because although I skated though 1st and second semester third is a beast... and fourth will bring out who is ready to enter the nursing world and who isn't built for it!
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    How'd you change your way of thinking in level 3 and 4? Is there anything you did differently than reading the books and doing practice questions.
  12. by   silkygold
    That's good to hear. Gave me some hope. Thanks
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    I don't start first semester until August. But, I'll encourage you, two nurses I know who have been nurses for a few years now, went through the same thing. It may have been a different semester, but same situation. Anyhow, they both were down in the dumps about it when it happened understandably, but they dusted themselves off, retook, passed and have been nurses for a few years now.

    Keep at it!
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    As far as prioritizing and answering questions and my rationales! The test questions get harder and clinicals are harder... you do way more!! I still was thinking as I was in first or second semester! The expectations are higher third and fourth semester!