The written word

  1. I have been reading with interest some of the longer threads where people have taken offence at some of the things that are said. I looked at it from two perspectives. The first is, if I had a bad day at clinicals/work and I was not in the best of moods. When I did that, I could find a lot of things that would offend me. The second way, if I had an absolutely wonderful experience/work day and found nothing that would offend me.

    The written word is a very powerful thing. I prefer to look at all threads as a "helping tool" and written in "human kind". That being said, I have found that in the long time that I have been a member of this board, I can always come away from it having learned something new. Either technical or more important, about the humaness of the healthcare profession.

    This is a wonderful board so to anyone who is reading it, don't get offended at anything that is said.......we are all human and all have something great to contribute.

    ((((stepping off box now)))))
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  3. by   nursedawn67
    Very well said, we can learn alot here on these boards if we open our minds!
  4. by   Katnip
    I agree with you essarge. It can get pretty dangerous to express a simple opion some days. But then, we really all simply human.
  5. by   dingofred
    I agree!!
  6. by   SingingNurse2
    Here, Here! And an Amen too!
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i agree.