The Stresses of Pathophysiology

  1. Hey, is anyone ever had problems with Pathophys? This is my last science class, and I am going crazy! I am remembering everything from A&P I and II pretty well, but I am not sure if its me or what. My professor I have had in several other classes so I am used to her teaching style. But, I am not doing the greatest. How did you guys study for it? The same way way as A&P? I am finding it hard to do that in consideration of taking Intro and Physical Assesment. Ahhh. And I still have a long 6 weeks to go before this quarter ends.:uhoh21: Trying not to stress...trying not to feel overwhelmed....I can do this....yeah, I can. Just need to remind myself....alot.
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  3. by   abundantjoy07
    i loved my patho class. it is an "intense" class, but everything is so interesting. my teacher gave us a blueprint of stuff we would definately need to know. that helped a lot. it is like a&p as far as the studying goes. if i were you i would get one of those...oh what is that book's the one where everything is made easy books. and i would also keep your a&p book handy.
    either way, don't stress too much about it...if nursing is for you then this class should be one of your favorites! just like all of your other classes, stay on top of everything and don't procrastinate too much.
    you'll love it!
  4. by   youknowho
    I just recieved a letter inviting me to preview "Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy" Its about $35 bucks. Since I still have one prereq left I am going to get this and read it for fun. Did I just say that out loud, I am such a nerd!
  5. by   henry-106
    Well, I figured that its just my lab time that is frusterating me. The lecture I understand and am doing well in. Its just lab stuff, and I think its just the way that my Prof. has it set up. But oh well, I am half way through the quarter and there is no turning back!