The Final Countdown - page 2

Hey Everyone! How would everyone like to participate in my "Final Countdown"? We are so close to the end of the semester, and then here comes Christmas Break!!! Post the date of your last day... Read More

  1. by   GPatty
    I don't know exactly how many days are left, but I know I was soooooo thankful for Thanksgiving break! And then Christmas!!! YEA!!!!!!
    Big pluses for me are my 4 y/o Grandson is here visiting me, and so is my 72 y/o Mom!
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!
  2. by   eagleriver
    I escape in December of 2002!
  3. by   Metron
    23 days!!!!! Praise God....
  4. by   eventsnyc
    Since my school is in the wtc area, we had missed 4 weeks of classes. There will be an extra month of school during the break
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  5. by   zacarias

    Well, last day of class and finals is Dec 11 this quarter! Of course it's only 1st quarter for me..oh well!

  6. by   CarolineRn
    Whoo Hoo!! Great Thread, and Great Therapy Brandy!!

    My last day of my first semester is Dec. 12th (finals) and as of today, I only have 24 days to go!!!

    (doing the happy dance!)
  7. by   Katnip
    32 days and counting!
  8. by   Bonnie Blue
    Last clinical day: Dec 14
    Last final: Dec 19 (the day Lord of the Rings is released in the theaters!)
    So the count is: 26/31 days It's going to be a busy 3.5 weeks!
  9. by   swkbmckay
    Our final is on December 10th! This semester feels like it flew!. I learned a lot of theory but still feel inadequate in clinicals! I'm sure that gets better with time! Best wishes to all, God bless and Happy Thanksgiving! Eat much, love lots! Stephanie in Texas
  10. by   Katnip
    31 days to go!!!!
  11. by   misti_z
    Just wanted to say congrats!! I remember being there (just graduated in May)..take yourselves out to dinner/movie/anything to relax....Bonnie Blue go see that movie--Lord of the Rings.

    You have all worked very hard.....welcome to nursing and enjoy!!
  12. by   tariet
    20 days to the final and I am DONE!!!!!! Oh my God!
    Hang in there everyone!! Tariet
  13. by   janleb
    My last day is December 3rd. That is 12 more day!!!!!!!!!