The Difficulty.

  1. I've noticed, after two years of going to college, almost half way with getting my pre-reqs done.
    The amount of difficulty it actually takes to become a nurse.
    Not meaning that I'm gonna drop out, or change my major or anything.
    But hear ALLL these stories about 400 applicants and only 35 making it in.
    People going and getting their bachelors in something, then going into the program.
    Waiting lists that take two years for people to get into the program.
    How they just take people who have 4.0's, lvn exp.
    And tons of others.

    How apparently strict the nursing counselors are, and how they don't hardly ever look at your experience in the medical field.
    (Volunteer btw 2yrs. besides that I've got no prior experience really.)
    How they just look straight at your GPA and make a decision from there.

    Which raises the question, are there still people these days that make it?
    Meaning are their people who just get the grades and go the straight path to nursing without going through any detours??
    (Bachelors, waiting lists, taking classes over again for basically 4.0)
    People who went into nursing, with no background experience and still made it?
    I mean we're all human, we all can't be perfect, so why are nursing programs acting like we should be?

    I've know many people who didn't have straight A's and still were successful into getting in the program and graduating.
    Idk, just felt like venting.
    Reply! and Thanks.
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  3. by   Cilantrophobe
    Have you actually spoken with other people applying or in your schools nursing program? It might not be as bad as you think. Not all schools are created equal. My school only looks at your GPA and entrance exam score but I can almost guarantee that everyone who applies this year is going to get in. Long story short: our school changed the entrance exam a few months back without notice and it has really thrown a wrench into the plans for all the people who had planned on applying next month and still haven't taken the test yet. I am literally the ONLY person I know who is applying to the program this year and I have talked to over a hundred people in my various nursing prereqs.
  4. by   tracyd77
    Every school is different. Try to find another school in your area that may not have the same problem. My school does have about 400 ppl apply and only about 100 slots but admission is based on a points system. You get so many points for A's, B's and C's, so many points for your TEAS score and then extra points if you have finished ALL of your pre-reqs and co-reqs. It is competitive, but they have to be. If they let ANYONE in, they would have a lot of students failing out, not to mention they just don't have the room for 400 students in the program. I got in this year and am starting in August. I have about a 3.4 GPA, made a 79% on the TEAS test and have all of my pre-reqs and co-reqs completed.
  5. by   elkpark
    The problem is the huge upsurge of interest in nursing, and huge increase in numbers of applicants. Yes, there was a day when perfectly average, ordinary people had no problems or delays in getting into nursing school. However, more recently, there are many more applicants to every nursing program than the program can accommodate, and the schools have to have a system to narrow the pool down to the number of applicants they can accept, and it has to be an objective system that could be defended in court -- no more "we feel like Sally will make a better nurse than Nancy would," because Nancy will turn around and sue when she doesn't get accepted ... Hence, the reliance on GPAs, scores on entrance/aptitude tests, etc -- the schools don't really have a choice.

    Ironically, I don't think we're turning out "better" nurses than we used to.
  6. by   Cilantrophobe
    I do think that anyone who meets the requirements can get in. Unless you are applying to a school with a lottery or schools which require that you already be a CNA or an LPN. As far as those schools go, there would be less hope for the average person. Now, for schools that don't look down on repeated classes, drops, withdrawls, audits, etc there is plenty of chance. Many people make mistakes at one point or another when figuring out their collegial path. It's all about finding the right school for you. Either don't apply to schools with ridiculous standards, or don't be dissappointed if you do and don't get in. Part of this nursing school journey is choosing the right school, figuring out the requirements, and doing the best you can possibly do to meet those requirements. And if you have done everything you can do and you apply and don't get in then either reapply every semester until you do, or find more schools and apply to them as well. Some people have to move to go to school. If that is not an option for you then realize that it may take more time than you originally planned for or expected. I know how frustruating the thought of waiting around for years to get into a nursing program can be but there is not much else you can do, when you have already done everything.

    Try not to worry about it. There aren't many stories here but you will be able to find a few, of people who got into nursing school with a low GPA, or some other frowned upon factor. But trust me, there are times when I have felt the same way you do and I have met every single requirement my school has to include having a 4.0 and getting a 92% on the entrance exam. I have had my days when I worried about getting in to our schools program. I won't know anything until June but I simply can't imagine not getting in. It might be possible at other schools, not to get in after meeting all the requirements with a 4.0, but not my school. Try to think positive. My fall back plan if I don't get in is to just try to be patient. That is all I can do...
  7. by   JMMagana18
    Thank you! I really appreciate your reply. Yours is something has really got me settled with the fact that I'm gonna go everywhere to find my nursing school. I'm just going to wait till next year, thats when I'll officially be done with all my pre-reqs and then just start applying to all the schools around my area on the community college level. If not, I'm already taking classes to transfer, so if I have to I'll just apply for the schools at the state level as well. (for me Cal State).

    It just seems so nerve racking now a days, cause I don't have any real background experience besides the volunteer work I do, and I'm gonna try to look for a job within the summer that's in the medical field. But besides that I really have no experience, and I feel like cause of that, that I'm at a disadvantage than the people who are lvns, or cnas, And as far as GPA goes I'm no 4.0 student, but I am a 3.0-3.5 avg. so it frustrates me that I don't have enough to get in, I mean I'm not gonna have time to take a cna class or take a 3 month lvn class. So I really have no choice but to stick it out and just stick with my grades.

    I've had relatives who had the same situation as me when they were pre nursing students, and into nursing school.
    And they turned out successful, but now times have changed and its a lot harder to get in.
    And that's what makes it hard for me sometimes thinking how am i gonna get in?
    Cause all I really got is my grades and my gpa, but that doesn't to be enough now a days.