The BEST way to study from Textbook/Lectures

  1. I need your advise on the the best way to study the textbook and Lectures notes. If you can share your method of study. That will be great! Because often times, when I read for example a textbook everything seems important. What do you focus on?
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  3. by   srg4784
    I use flashcards for EVERYTHING, takes a while to write them out but it really helps me. A sheet of paper with notes written all over it is just too intimidating.
  4. by   romie
    Here is how I read a text book:

    If there is a chapter preview or outline, I read it first.
    Then I skim over the entire chapter to examine heading, pictures and charts, captions and anything in bold.
    Then I read the text.
    Then I re-read the chapter outline.
    If there is a chapter summary at the end, I read that.
    I always try to read the text before I attend the lecture on the material at hand.

    During the lecture I take notes. Then I re-read the text keeping my notes handy. Since I have already skimmed the material, read the material, this last reading is pretty quick. I clarify anything in my lecture notes by adding points that I read in the text.
  5. by   JentheRN05
    I took lecture notes, and read before each lecture what we would be going over. Then after the lecture go home and reread the chapters and highlight like crazy, then take notes from the lectures. Then the week before the test (or weekend if your lucky) rewrite ALL of your notes making sure to consolidate them together in a notebook so your lecture notes go along with the notes you took from the book. Once you have re-written them in this format it helps you study for exams, then it also help you be more prepared for the final.