Thankful Students!

  1. As a nursing student, for what or whom are you most thankful?

    Here are my thoughts....

    (1) My wonderful clinical instructor this semester who treated us like adults, exposed us to great learning experiences, and praised our accomplishments.

    (2) My classmates. We've shared the good and the bad, and have helped each other through the very emotional experience that is nursing school!

    (3) My mom who is always willing to watch my children, and who listens to me when I need to "just talk".

    (4) My two sweet little girls who never complain when Mommy has to study, or has to miss an event at their school due to class or clinical. :icon_hug:

    (5) My amazing husband who has supported my decision to go back to school rather than back into a career I didn't love. For never compaining about paying my tuition, doing more than his share to care for our daughters, making lunches each day and being in charge of all the laundry! He is my greatest blessing in life! :kiss

    Wishing you all a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!
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  3. by   moongirl
    you had a clinical instructor that treated you like an ADULT..??? omg- I didnt KNOW there was such a thing that existed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and to praise instead of be critical, you really do need to give thanks! and send some my way!!!!
  4. by   GratefulHeart
    I'm most thankful for:

    1) The Lord who brightens my life with His presence and gives me strength and motivation.
    2) A supportive husband and children.
    3) Two very special girlfriends - one who is my walking partner and talks sense into me when I need an extra dose of that, and the other who encourages me on with her kind notes and jamba juice or coffee inserts (both are also my prayer partners).
    4) Yes!!! I am finally *in* nursing school.
    5) The culture of this nursing program - supportive, open, and upbeat - better than I'd hoped.
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    *Healthy kids and grandkids
    *The brains to be able to survive/succeed in my first semester of NS
    *At 50, a fairly healthy body that is enabling me to pursue this career
    *Helpful, patient RNs in clinicals who put up with the nursing students!
    *Affable, willing patients who put up with nursing students -- many with cheerful demeanors
    *RNs who are willing to take the time and reduction in pay (in many cases) to educate those of us ready to make this change in to a field that needs us so bad -- even when we feel a bit challenged by their methods!!
    *The freedoms we are allowed by living in this great country and by the men, women, and their families willing to sacrifice, or give all, so that we may continue to live in such a wonderful country.

    Happy Thanksgiving all!
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  6. by   Elizabeth Hanes
    Thank you for starting a wonderful thread. I like to stay in touch with all the things I'm grateful for, including...

    1) My husband, who provides immense support, both emotional and financial, to me -- and who is the love of my life

    2) My family members, who take the time to call, write and e-mail me with notes of support

    3) The fact I got into nursing school on my first try and also got my first choice of campus, neither of which I probably deserved but am very grateful for

    4) The instructors who have helped me prepare for nursing school by demanding academic achievement from me

    5) My pets (2 dogs, 2 cats), which constantly provide me with lessons about existing "in the moment"

    6) My health

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
  7. by   Megsd
    I am thankful for...

    1) My dad, for his emotional support, always being willing to listen to my gross clinical stories, and for convincing me to apply for my accelerated BSN program even though I thought I was a longshot (I got in)

    2) My professors this quarter who were, for the most part, phenomenal. Great teachers, very supportive individuals who never stopped cheering us on all quarter.

    3) My clinical instructor for pushing me to do my best. She was scary at first, but I will NEVER forget the needle gauges and sizes for a IM and SC injection (she scared that into me)

    4) My wonderful classmates and new friends for their constant support and comaraderie. I do not think I could have done this quarter without their shoulders to learn on

    5) My amazing boyfriend, who not only encourages my studies, but has infinite patience with me when I tell him I can't do X Y or Z because I have an exam.
  8. by   MySimplePlan
    I am thankful for many of the same people in my life as others, so I won't repeat.

    I will, however, be publicly grateful for my lab partner. She is smart, caring, a hard worker, responsible, respectful, and supportive. And for some reason, she likes to hang around with me. Grateful is an understatement. Thank you, C.