Test taking policy, does your school do this too?

  1. Test taking policy for nursing classes (Theory, Concepts, Clinical-written) are as follows: students must only enter the classroom with a pencil and an eraser (no scratch paper allowed, no water bottles, etc.); once all students have completed the exam (my classes have like 60 people!) the instuctor will read each exam question and provide the answer, no questions are to be asked; tests are not returned to student to even review; student is notified of test score, but no of which questions were missed.

    Okay, how the hell are we supposed to learn from the questions we missed if we don't even know that we missed them!!! Especially the fact that our finals are accumulative.

    The reason these really really strict policies are enforced are because some stupid students in the past decided to make up extrememly elaborate cheating schemes (or so I hear....) and ruined it for all of us.

    I'm so pissed we can't even see which questions we got right, and which we got wrong! How are we supposed to learn!?? I guess the only indication the instructors will give us is "you need to look at xxxx more carefully you didn't do so well on the exam in that area."

    Feedback? I'm freaking out about this, as I'm sure everyone else in my class is as well!
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  3. by   shock-me-sane
    we leave all of our stuff on the side or front of the room. no scratch paper etc. when we are done, we leave. generally there is no class review of the test, but we can go to the instructor's office hours and look over it.
  4. by   MySimplePlan
    Our policy is the same as shock-me-sane....we can go to their office to review. Our instructor did mention cheating is up all over the country, including our campus, so yes....prohibitive policies have ruined it for the rest of us. (I think it's a bit lazy not to offer office hours for you to review, though!!)
  5. by   love for nursing
    We leave everything but our pencil at the front of the room to take test. After we finish we had the insturctor our answer key and test booklet, pick up our stuff and leave until a certain time for lecture to start since we have class for two to three hours at the time. We can pick up our stuff if we like, but most just pick up our purse to buy a drink and snack. We only have one hour to complete a fifty question multiple choice test. The next class day we also place everything at the front of the room for test review. We are only given our scantron answer key which we have to hand back in at the end of test review. The instructor places a test on the board with one of those machines that you lay a piece of paper on and the light from the machine puts the information on the board (I can't think of the name of the machine). No questions can be asked during test review. We have to see the instructor individually to clarify any questions
  6. by   luvmy2angels
    I was in a very relaxed class and for a lot of the tests in the last level we would go over the answers right after everyone was finished and self correct our tests and then turn them in to the instructor. I was in a small class of 19 and we never had any problems with anyone being dishonest. I agree that you should be able to review and know what questions you got wrong so you could find out the right answer. Doesn't seem fair to me.
  7. by   TRINI_RN
    Quote from shock-me-sane
    we leave all of our stuff on the side or front of the room. no scratch paper etc. when we are done, we leave. generally there is no class review of the test, but we can go to the instructor's office hours and look over it.
    Same thing here, but we have a test review (we do put our names on the test and mark off the answers, they're passed back out so we can see which ones we got wrong, we don't get to keep them though), the teacher will address any questions that a morjority of the class got wrong, but we're not technically allowed to argue questions (we have to make an appointment for that).
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  8. by   BeccaznRN
    Wow! My school has never been this strict about test-taking procedures. We have all the general rules, like everything on the floor (and closed) and no cell phones and such, but no bottles of water? What's the reasoning behind that?

    It's very sad that there's such a problem with cheating among nursing students, especially since nursing is at the top of the list for most trusted profession.
  9. by   Race Mom
    With the water bottles, people will take off the outer wrapper, write a cheat sheet on it then stick it back on.
    For our tests we just can't have anything on the desks, no hats, no H2O, zip. We can only review our tests in the instructors office. No review is given.
    For our 1st semester final, they wouldn't even let you take it if you didn't wear your name badge. Plus, all cell phones had to be brought to the front of the class. You couldn't even have it in your pocket on "off". Whatever!
  10. by   Bala Shark
    You can consider your self lucky...Some of my nursing instructors did not even review their exams..All of my classmates were left clueless on what we got right or wrong..
  11. by   fussy_lass
    Ditto. Except water bottles here have clear labels so they're acceptable.
  12. by   todell80
    Our rules are about the same, nothing on the table but pencils and erasers, cell phones off (duh), and we have to leave the room after we are finished. We can't get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the test, and once finished we can't wait out in the hall, we have to go somewhere else until our hour is up.

    The thing that really bugs me is that we use scantrons for tests. I hate scantrons w/ a passion. I am one of those people who inevitably gets off by one question, and I realize on question 75 of the test that I'm on 76 of the answer key!! On my test Monday, I had marked the wrong answer on my test, erased it as good as it would come off (damn you, you cheap Wal-Mart pencil!!), and marked the right answer. The stupid machine counted it wrong anyway!! My instructor believes me that the machine made a mistake, but she said I should have erased better, but that she would "think" about giving me credit for the question. Its so dumb, when did tests become more about your erasing skills than knowing the right answer?!?! Next time I will just get a new scantron every time I make a mistake.
  13. by   IrishIzCPNP
    We have to comein, put everything in the front of the room and sit down with our pencil and calculator provided by the school (we are not allowed to use any other calculator).

    The test is taken and grades are posted at the end of the next class. We are able to write a question to the instructor regarding a question we got wrong. The teach can then write back and explain why the question was wrong.

    That's it.

    We do have a point deduction policy if you don't take tests as scheduled. If you are absent you have to take it the next time you come in or it's 10 points off. If you are late you can take it in the remaining time (all tests are 1 hour long) or take it at the end of class. If you don't take it that day you again take a 10 point deduction and it sounds like any other missed tests get an automatic deduction after that.
  14. by   Jesus Rocks
    that is how most schools are, they have to take measures to ensure that people wont cheat. and people will cheat if you give them a chance. dont worry about the cummulative final, nobody did where i was at. if you do good on all your other tests than you shouldn't have a problem. get used to it though, nursing school is full of things that you nay find "unfair". they are just trying to make us competent nurses, able to function out there in the real world. and no one said this was going to be easy, right?