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Hi there! I'm pretty new to the site, and will be starting NS in August. (Holy sheep! That's only 2 months away!:eek:) I want to know about your study spaces. What works for you? Do you have a... Read More

  1. by   OB-nurse2013
    Starbuck's or library are my best friends. At home I am too easily distracted but for quick reviewing I do study outside while my kids play or at my son's t-ball practice. Since Starbuck's is close, offers delicious caffenieted beverages, and is open super late it is my favorite
  2. by   mom22many
    Quote from studentnurseCT
    What program are you in?
    An RN program @ my local community college~so excited....and determined
  3. by   mommywithplenty
    I have a good size house but a good size family. I have 5 kids , so there really isn't an open room. I plan on using a dresser for organization and my bed to study on. If I really feel it isn't working then I will get a desk.I have a feeling that most of my studying is going to happen out of the house , either at the YMCA because I plan on dropping off the kids so I can study for 3 hours uninterrupted, or at the pubic or collage library. I study better alone though with 5 kids and a dh, alone is going to be hard.
  4. by   C.LOVEE
    What is a DH? I see people use this all the time? I have picked up that it refers to someones husband usually but what does the DH actually stand for? Dear Husband, maybe?