Tell me about your pinning..........

  1. I dont graduate for another year...but I am on my class pinning commitee and I was wondering.

    A) Every year the class gets to vote if the women wear dresses or our uniforms. WELL every year they have picked dresses. My class voted for uniforms ( the dresses are HIDEOUS, cost $60 and the nursing caps LITERALLY look like French Maid bonnets).

    We were told we had the CHOICE to vote. So we voted as a class for uniforms and now the Program Director is "upset with us because we don't have the mentality of the typical nursing student".

    Well why give us the CHOICE then?

    B) Every year the class has had either a harpist or a flutist at pinning......we voted to have music play over the system.....because the money we would save in hiring a harpist.......goes to lower our actual out of pocket expense for the finger foods, etc.

    Again we were told we could VOTE as a class...and we did...and they arent happy w.our voting.

    Right about now I am very disilusioned. I think they SAY we have a CHOICE but when it comes down to it they want us to do it the WAY they WANT.

    So......tell me about your pinning. How much input do you get? How well do they back your choices?

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  3. by   Bonny619
    I say go with the flow and don't worry about it too much. You'll be out of there soon enough, just try to enjoy it.
  4. by   Imafloat
    Our pinning was arranged for us by the faculty. They have a set program at my School of Nursing. We wore what we wanted to, most wore nice slacks or dresses/skirts. Finger foods and drinks were provided. Music was played through the sound system. The student incurred no cost beside their pins.