Telecourse on cassette tapes?

  1. A telecourse that I'm taking is on cassette tapes. There's a workbook, textbook and a guide for writing papers in APA format. Except for the "telecourse" being on cassette, everything seems in order, except for the fact that the instructor will not answer email or telephone messages At the orientation on the first night of the course she was there saying "If you need anything email, telephone or schedule a meeting." Obviousely she is full of crap because I have emailed and called to leave messages for a week with no response. Since professors get paid by the credit hour, I would imagine she'll get paid for sitting on her butt. She knows that students wouldn't take a summer course unless they needed it so they won't drop. No matter how many people complain, she'll get paid for doing nothing. The tests are heavily essay so the ones that displease her will likely get lower marks and there are two annotated bibliographies that will even be graded for grammar(we were supposed to get examples of what one looks like.....guess what). Nobody can afford to incur her wrath, so she is golden. The school will also keep thier tuition ransom for summer classes and the student hostages will just muddle through and take whatever grade prof sitonbutt will give.

    I wonder how they'll be evaluated for grades. She could use "eeny-meany-miney-moe or select a ball with a grade out of one of those bingo cages.

    I knew going in that it wouldn't be a lecture course but I think I have a right to speak with an instructor if I need clarification.

    Goodbye GPA, it's been nice knowing you.

    Anyone with a similar experience?
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  3. by   meownsmile
    I took Human Development as a telecourse. We had audio tapes and a video tape we had to use for each chapter and then write a outline for each. I was lucky and didnt have your same experience. The instuctor was always available by phone during the hours that were stated on the syllibus, and instructions were given to always call and not to email with questions.

    Maybe if you call the department at the college they can give you her office hours. If not tell them your experience and write a letter to the department chair(at this point a nice letter as not to inflame anyone) as follow up. If still no response, then you may have to call, make an appointment and go in during her "office hours" to catch her(or not) but at least then you will be on campus where you need to be to do any further followup with the department head (in person).

    Good luck and get a BIG bottle of something for a headache!
  4. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Yes, calling the dept directly is a good idea but I have read what power a full professor(20+ years) has even when they are proven wrong. I will continue to call during "office hours" and eventualy get a face-to-face meeting, then I will decide whether it's apathy or just a misunderstanding.

    I will check drop dates for the course. If she grades the midterm with the same cavalier attitude for excellence then we are fine, but if she wants to expect more from my exam than she's putting in then forget it. No way I can do it all on my own, or would I want to.

    I just think that I'm bound to get screwed by a professor that doesn't even return a phone call or answer the phone at any hour.
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    Just checked the drop passed.

    So now all I can do is take whatever I can get because I can't withdrawl and put a mark like that on my transcript.

    If(when) I get a crappy grade I'll have to pay to take it over. The school will be thrilled to get the tuition x's 2, the "teacher" doesn't have to do a thing to get paid and I won't learn.

    I don't think that I have much to lose now, so we shall see about that!
  6. by   Whisper
    Peeps, Isn't there anyone on here who has done life span development, that could maybe show you an example of their work?
    Any how I really have to go or my hair will be green,

    P.s Could you not threaten to sue your uni for breah of your education contract?