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I am in second year of nursing school and during our orientation a teacher (he happens to be an N.P.) offered his help in providing anti-anxiety medication for testing purposes. He mentioned... Read More

  1. by   I's and... Oh's
    Huh? Seriously?! You haven't enough information to make those, very vast, assumptions.
  2. by   I's and... Oh's
    ... also... accepting help nobody asked for? Accepting help by the power at hand? Seriously... this isn't not about offering help. How the heck does he know all of us on the first day or orientation anyway? Why would that even be a topic. I do not think it's right. If I come to a point of having to say yes or no.. I want to know what my student rights are. Which are totally under-rated in this culture of nursing/student nursing. The bullying is present - there is literature to support this. At what point does it change and at what point does it get worse? It takes someone to question circumstances, fairly. For me to state that I am 'already biased" is not a poor me statement - please, address the question at hand and not analyze it into something else... or at least ask questions before you make assumptions.
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    Since when is office hours also pharmacy pick up. They are in different places for a reason.
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    Hold on.. in his defense.. I have no idea what has happened after orientation... if anyone has gone to to him or not. However, the invitation is a red flag enough.
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    Quote from I's and... Oh's
    I want to know what my student rights are. Which are totally under-rated in this culture of nursing/student nursing. The bullying is present - there is literature to support this.
    What does this even mean? You have the right to pay money, go to classes/clinicals, and say no to drugs.
  6. by   SDifalco86
    You definitely need to report this. I think that is inappropriate! I wouldn't trust a professor like that in all honesty. So much for learning holistic nursing in that class?
  7. by   runsalot
    Dear OP

    This is the Internet we only know you from your posts. And we hope you do what makes you comfortable.
    Just a little story. I had a friend that was clearly depressed. Every prescriber she would every see from her skin doc to her obgyn would offer her some meds for help. She would get extremely offended. Yell. And get defensive. Took her a decade to get help.
    You teacher might of just been offering help. It might not of been the best place to offer help. But it's the Internet. We the readers can only assume the best from both parties.

    Good luck.
  8. by   nursel56
    Quote from BostonFNP
    I don't think any mass benzo prescribing happened.
    OK, then it seems as though there is an underplaying of the significance of offering benzos to 20 people without doing a thorough history. Perhaps he intended to treat the students exactly the way he would treat someone who made an appointment to see him in his office setting. Perhaps what he really meant was "those who have crippling test anxiety and have tried non-pharmaceutical remedies without success please see me during my faculty office hours so we can discuss all possible alternatives".

    It still seems weird that he made an unsolicited offer to prescribe Ativan at an orientation filled with people he doesn't know.
  9. by   ixchel
    OP- one more thought and then I am walking away. You asked for opinions. Multiple times you have reminded us that you are seeking opinions. If you were hoping for validation, you should have asked for that instead.
  10. by   CrunchRN
    I would love to hear the other side of the story. I wonder what the actual wording was. Perhaps he/she was alerting the class that this was an option for people with severe test anxiety. Hard to know.

    My feeling though is that you have not been harmed in any way so what is the big deal? If you continue tilting at windmills like this I predict you will never make it through school. Quite frankly I very much doubt your interpretation of the events/intent of what was said. And i wonder why you would waste so much energy on it because IF an offer like that was made then all you do is not act on it.

    If I am totally wrong in what I am saying please clarify so I can understand better what you are so upset about.
  11. by   BostonFNP
    It's the timeline that is strange to me. The OP says the offer was made in school orientation. But in other posts he/she has indicated she in her last semester?

    Did this comment happen, then months passed in which there were academic struggles, now it's being revisited?
  12. by   I's and... Oh's
    Thank you everyone.... all the comments ( "good" and "bad") have been tremendously helpful and has given me a way to look at it differently - which was what I was going for. Thanks again and... happy nursing