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I have a laptop available to me while I'm in school and wondered if anyone else uses a laptop in class to take notes on?? Is this something that is helpful? I can type about 70 wpm, so keeping up... Read More

  1. by   Josh L.Ac.
    Quote from amytheodd
    I would never have time to sit and listen to entire lectures, but I use Microsoft OneNote, which sychs the audio recording to the notes I am making on my laptop. I click the text, and the recording plays from that point so it allows you just to listen to the parts you need to clarify.

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  2. by   ak127
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    My laptop (and many) has a built in microphone. The OneNote documentation in the helpfile and on Microsoft's website is very good. I figured it all out from that. There are some unique features only for tablet pc, but I would use it anyway just to type my notes if mine wasn't a tablet.
    Basically, you just click the begin audio recording button and start taking your notes. Everytime you start a new paragraph, it creates a new "bookmark" in the audio file. Sit down in front of the tv and play with it. Make a recording and write random words from what the speaker is saying to figure out the delay you want. What I mean by that is you can set it to jump back in the audio 5 seconds, 10 seconds, whatever from the point when you wrote your note. i.e. it takes you a few seconds to write the note, so it makes it easier to find the point.
    Also, the note flags are one of the most powerful features. Totally customizable. I have mine set to definition, key concept, lookup, question etc. Then I can have it copy all of these out for me by flag, for instance, it will create a new page of all of my definitions, things to lookup in my book, or questions to ask in class.

    Play with it, you will find some great features. Only downside: everyone will want to use your notes!
  3. by   mrscurtwkids4
    I use my laptop for taking notes during lectures. Almost all of my instructors provide powerpoint presentations for the classes, so I can download the presentation and take notes onto the notes section of it. Plus I can just take regular notes on Word if I need to. I'm faster at typing than I am at writing. I just can't keep up well when I have to hand write my notes. But I normally try to keep a notebook handy in order to draw anything that I might not be able to type, like diagrams and such. But when I'm reading the texts, I generally handwrite notes from what I'm reading because I do have a tendency to remember things better when I write them rather than type them. So typing is good during class, but writing when I am reading and studying.