taking A&P 1 this summer, question about the books...

  1. Hello everyone! I have happily just completed my biology summer class!! With an A! YEAH! (It has been over 13 years since I took it last) I am repeating all of my science courses. Next is A&P 1. The issue is the book store is trying to sell this "bundle" that has Marieb 7th edition, but not an actual book-It will need to be put into a binder. The items that are included are get ready for A&P, Interactive Physiology CD, body atlas, student study partner, that is what I could tell from peeking through the shrink wrap. $144. Then of course the lab is separate with a cd for $133. Then they told me that I may have to buy something different for fall, A&P 2. Does anyone that has taken this course know what I actually do need?? I have found most of these Items including the "real" book for much less money on Ebay. Not all of the items in the bundle though. I have also found some websites that are free and interactive, including mariebs' 7th edition book online without an access code.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need another A!!:wink2:
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Our instructor told us we didn't need to buy the text. He provided the powerpoints on the web site. He told us we did need the lab manual. People are getting books off the internet and copying material from others who bought the books. I had another text. Your post indicates you have found lots of resources. I would suggest asking the instructor what is necessary and what you can get by with. If nothing else, buy used books or an older edition off the internet or from another student.
  4. by   SANART11
    When i took A&P 1, i bought the huge package that included everything you mentioned with the lab manual. All those cds and guides and atlas' were useless to me. I only used the textbook and the lab manual throughtout a&p 1 and 2 and got A's in both. So if i could go back i woulve got them both seperatley used. Good Luck in A&P !!!
  5. by   jreneex2
    Thank you for the replies...It is good to hear that from people who have been through the class! I just don't want to have to buy anything twice!! At the same time of course, not wanting to sell myself short. I am very resourceful on the internet. I wasn't sure about using an edition of the book that was older though, that is okay as well?? Because I did read that Marieb edition 6 was a much better read (less wordy) than edition 7. Anyone know about these two editions, or any others for that matter?? Thanks again!!:wink2:
  6. by   roseglasses
    we used that same book but it was for both a and p 1 and 2! the bundle of books made us have to buy them new because there was a lot of other books and interactive cd in there like getting ready for a and p and stuff we never used i paid over 300 for the bundle and only used the lab book (the cd in the back of the lab book) and the text book!
  7. by   lilo2010
    I would email the instructor! He is the only one that will know for sure what is required! All I ever needed for A&P I & II was the book & lab manual!