Take it early and often??

  1. Hi -- after my informational meeting at the meet-n-greet, we were told by two different staff members, or rather they casually 'suggested' -- take the NLN-PAX early in your pre reqs in case you need to retest etc.

    I am really wondering if many take it while doing pre reqs?? Will the school be able to 'see' you took it twice? (*I'd guess yes...if so, how much does that negatively impact your app?) The school I'm most interested in uses a point system, and usually has a small waiting list. Most seem to get into it within a twice applied/two year time frame. Most convenient for me would be to get accepted in the division of the ns program which is provided in our town. Unfortunately - they only offer it here in even years; but at another location every year. THAT one will require an approximate 100-mile commute round trip. I know many others drive farther than that. I will if I have to; but I can have my druthers :spin:!

    My initial plan would have been to get most of my pre reqs out of the way (I only need appx a year/or two semesters to do so) and plan to study my booty off and take the NLN-PAX late that last spring semester in order to apply for the upcoming fall NS cohort. I hate the idea of studying for the NLN-PAX while simultaneously putting max attention into keeping my pre req gpa at the highest possible.

    Gah. Already I'm not attuned to the multitasking aura of nursing...Humm

    Tbh - I've always been quite good at multitasking, time management etc .. or that is what others (employers, co-workers, friends etc) have often told me. (In actuality I feel happiest though when I have the luxury of specialization, time to hyperfocus on a selected area or subject. Ah. That is for another post though!)

    Would love to hear info from others about the timing of taking their NLN-PAX or TEAS V or HESI or whichever one they need to. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   cayenne06
    All I can say is that the NLN-PAX is incredibly, incredibly easy. At least that was my experience. Pick up the study guide and figure out how comfortable you are with the material. If you feel good about it, go ahead and schedule it early just to get it over with. If you need to brush up, i don't think it will interfere with your pre-req studying.
  4. by   Autymn
    Very cool to hear someone say that it isn't hard! Hopefully my amazon.com order will arrive soon so I can actually look at the study guide etc.

    Thanks very much Cayenne06.
  5. by   Stephalump
    I took the HESI the day the application for NS was due with zero studying. I got a 96% overall...enough to get me into the program.
    My INTIAL plan was to take it early in the semester so I had to time to retake it if I failed, but I decided even if I got a 95%, I'd probably still stress about my score and kill myself trying to study and retake it. So I just winged it.

    Everyone is different! There's probably no harm in taking the test early...better safe than sorry! I'm just more of a "pull it out of my rear"-er
  6. by   classicdame
    My decision would be based on the cost.
  7. by   Katie71275
    I would aim to take it early just in case. I know plenty of people who did not do well.
    That said, I did purchase a book to study, and I mainly refreshed myself on the math. I made I think a 96-97% so I'd say I did well. If you are fresh out of high school, currently in college and know basics, Im not even sure you'd need much study time(I have been out of college since 2006 and working so I needed some refreshing lol.