survived ice storm and nearly five days without power and four days of missing class

  1. Well, the storm has left but the after products are still around, there are still many without power and they called in crews from supposely 8 or 9 states to work throught out the weekend to help restore power. Trees are everywhere, some blocks were totally block until people got out to get it up. Some people on my block had damage to their houses and cars, a tree came really close to causing damage to my house it was laying on the house. I had a nice little break classes were cancelled from tuesday night until including today. My first day of my nursing history class was today from 9-5 and now we have to make it up on another saturday since it was cancelled. I been studying for various classes in between staying under covers from it being so cold in my house. They say this is the worst ice storm in Kansas City history. Through the power company my parents pay their bill through they estimated about 260,000 people lost their power and that is just through one company their is like 3 or 4 other companies in the area so there were over 400,000 people that lost their power.
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  3. by   Mkue
    Power Outages UGH !!

    We are usually the first on our block to lose power during a storm it is so frustrating ! But not this time, unlike many Ohioans that did go without power for days.

    Hope you have a better week!!

  4. by   sharann
    Glad you are safe. I can't imagine ice storms in CALIF, but we do rock (occasional earth quakes)
    Take care,
  5. by   GPatty
    My goodness! I'm so happy you survived and so did your house! I just can't imagine....
    May God bless you and your family.....
  6. by   ashemson
    Actually Platte City, just about 20 miles north of KC. We had the ice but didn't lose our power. I also didn't have class from Wed. thru Friday. A very nice break from chemistry!