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Throughout the boards I have noticed that many people that are in school do not receive support from their spouse or sig other. My hubby, when I started in 98 was not that supportive, i was taking... Read More

  1. by   essarge
    Well said shy!! That was good sound advice that everyone who is having problems before starting school should take under consideration! Thanks!!!
  2. by   futrnurse
    I don't see that Janleb is in an abuse situation. Janleb and I have been talking on the net for almost a year now and she knows what I am talking about... I was not telling anyone to stay where abuse is happening,, but even then God can change a marriage in his timing.... So please don''t take my comments the wrong way.. Janleb wrote to me and told me she understood what I was saying and that is really what matters.. God Bless you all..
  3. by   Katmease
    I am blessed with a wonderful Hubby who supported me all the way. I still worked part-time, but he did dishes, cleaned house, cooked (he's a much better cook than me), was there for me emotionally when I had tough times & worries (I'm suprised I didn't drive him crazy about the NCLEX) & is very proud of me. Everybody thinks it's so neat that my 43 year old (I'm 39) Hubby that's a Missouri State Trooper, Sniper Team Leader, 6'4", 270 lbs. cooks & openly tells everyone how much he loves me.

    I am so very proud of him too!