Summer Chem

  1. I will be taking two Chem courses this summer before beginning my nursing courses in the fall. Does anyone have any study tips/ideas? I have been afraid of Chem since high school and I am aiming for an A.
    I will take Intro to Chem: Inorganic and Organic.
    Anything will be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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  3. by   zoe92
    I have to take a 2 month Allied Health Chemistry for my BSN program starting fall, but you have to take 2 chems? Yikes. Look into Khan Academy, they have a lot of helpful chemistry videos.
  4. by   NorCalKid
    I took Chem in the summer, it sucked. It was the only pre I didn't get an A in. I was also working 4 nights a week. Had I not been working it would have only kinda sucked. But seriously, it's totally doable. It's just not fun.
  5. by   mjo07
    Yikes! is exacty how I feel...Luckily I will not be working but I do have a child, husband, and home to take care of. Still aiming for that A though
  6. by   __patiently_waiting
    Study, learn the material don't memorize. I memorized (still made an A in Chem I & II), but if you put those same tests in front of me now I wouldn't know what I was looking at -_- lol. Study powerpoints, practice problems, read textbook & anything that might help. I have to take bio this summer & scared being that I never took summer classes. Best believe I will be taking my own advice. If need be, utilize your professor's office hours as much as possible. Good Luck!
  7. by   stephanie.
    Buy the study guide that accompanies your text.

    Each chapter builds on the previous so don't get behind. I got behind and paid for it dearly.
  8. by   NorCalKid
    Also make sure you pay attention to the dimensional analysis section. You will be doing a lot of that in first semester pharm.