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Hey guys, I’m in my 1st semester of a RN diploma program. I just can’t seem to do well in clinicals. I can do the 8.5hr lectures, I can study 4-6hrs a day, I can do all the skills in lab, I’ve... Read More

  1. by   Brigi23
    Just thought I would put my two sense in about that battalax. First of all you are in your first semester, everybody is just as frightened as you are (and don't kid yourself into thinking that they are not). I am currently in my third semester of nursing school and am still holding on for dear life! My clinical instructor for the first semester was this incredibley mean and hateful women that didn't like anything about me, and quite a few other students. Her main job was to make each and every clinical experience totally 100% frightening and make people want to quit or cry whichever came first. It was a personal power trip for her because she got satisfaction out of making people shrivel in her presence. Use this to your advantage (just like I did). There were a few people that quite because of her intimidation and scare tactics. THEY ARE TRYING TO WEED PEOPLE OUT! They want to make sure that you have the guts to stick it out no matter what sort of crap you go through. This particular women may just have it out for you, however once you get past this semester, it will only build your confidence that you survived these horrible times. I look back now and thank god that I did'nt walk out because of somebody that was trying to beat me down. What is your alternative? Alrighty then. Best of luck
  2. by   Curious1alwys
    Battleax she is for sure.

    Nothing more to add here honey. Just know I feel for you big time and can totally relate. I still feel clumsy and question my choice, even in third semester! Keep plugging on!!:icon_hug: The fact that you are only 19 and are even in such a difficult program is a testament to your abilities!
  3. by   MySimplePlan
    Here is a gentle comeback line: "Don't let my brith certificate confuse you."

    Lots of great advice from everyone else.
  4. by   Boltthrower
    I agree with daytonite. I am 32 and just getting into the game just the same as you are. By the time I have 20 years of experience I will be thinking about retiring and probably be on oxygen therapy, :wink2: . You are going to make it through. Just remember that when you are an RN and you get new students on your floor that you need to remember how you felt this semester. I am sure you wont forget. Keep pushing forward and dont let this "Nurse Ratchet" instructor get between you and your dream. The profession needs people like you.

  5. by   maryshome8
    Quote from Jules A
    In my LPN class there were a couple of 20 year olds who were already working as CNAs and they were mighty impressive. It is a shame your clinical instructor is not supportive because that could be the entire reason you get so flustered. I'd also try to find another instructor to mentor you through this first experience. I believe the instructor can make or break our clinical experiences. If you feel that nursing just isn't for you that is fine but please don't let one unsupportive person make up your mind for you. Let us know how you are making out. Jules
    I'm pre-nursing, but when I was in the hospital for two weeks when I gave birth to my daughter, I had a number of nursing students come in and they always acted like they were so afraid. I always said, "Look sweetie, everyone has to start somewhere." I always let them know what a good job they were doing and also let them know that it was GREAT that they were getting into the profession so young.

    Don't let this instructor step on your dream!