Subjects you enjoy and hate? - page 2

My favorite are the biology classes, my worst Math. I managed a C in my math class. I was so worked up over algebra I was amazed I passed! What class do you love and which do you hate? What made to... Read More

  1. by   night owl
    I loved A&P. Was always fascinated on how the human body works! Hated Pharmacology, but managed to pull an A on the final...once it sank in!
  2. by   nursing 101
    I hated psychology and philosophy (boring!!!). I could never stay awake in those classes...
    The only class I truly liked was Economics (because of the teacher, got an A too!)
    I also love Sociology. I'm taking anatomy this fall I think I will enjoy it ! I also have a Theology class (sex and morality) I think it will be interesting.
    I have a Chem class and I'm terrified to death of it... It's not that I hate Chem I'm just terrified of it... Took it once and failed miserably but It was such a crowded class 200 students. You were called by the last 4 digits of your social... Only 2 exams midterm and finals... And the teacher couldn't explain for nothing. He refused to answer questions during the lecture because it was too many of us... So you see why I have nightmares about it !!! lol