Studying for Pharm?

  1. OK. What are your strategies for Pharmacology? I am doing alright on the weekly tests but the moment they're done I feel like I don't remember a thing Do you use flash cards? Just sit and grunt it out? What works best? NCLEX is more than a year away. How am I going to remember any of this stuff?
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  3. by   purplemania
    Like anything else, the more you practice the better you become. As you begin to use this information it will settle into your head. Meanwhile, to help you learn, first go to this website. It has neat hints on how to determine your learning style then how to maximize that information. NOT scientific, totally. I like the Felder test myself, but try a couple. Good luck!
  4. by   kahumai
    If you have an NCLEX review book, use it. I use Saunder's Comprehensive review as a supplemental part of my studying, and it has totally helped. The book is broken down into sections: "Respiratory" and "Respiratory Drugs", etc. through all the systems.

    I would also suggest making a study sheet of certain drugs (we focus on the prototypes) and listing all important information regarding that drug so it is easy to understand and can be easily referenced. What is the half-life? The amount for onset, peak, and duration? What are the common side effects or drug/food interactions to look out for? What is the main goal of treatment with that drug? The easier it is to read, the better you'll understand it. Good Luck!