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  1. I've been looking for info on how to study effectively since I will be going to school again for the first time in many, many years! :chuckle I found this excellent site for A&P and wanted to share the study tips they have listed. It says it's for surviving A&P, but I think the tips would translate well to just about any class!
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  3. by   z's playa
    I have one not mentioned here but my math teacher told true though...NEVER STUDY AT HOME!!!! GO TO THE LIBRARY!!!!

    No matter what you'll take unnecessary breaks, you'll get phone calls, you'll be bothered by kids, noise, neighbours, husbands....lovers :chuckle (just kidding) You'll get hungry and so will the rest of your gang....your tv show will come on...then the next one will come on. You get it right?

    I took her advice and then I didn't. I saaaaw the light.
  4. by   RNNoMore
    I study much better at home, I like to break most of the chores in my life down into 'bite size pieces', including studying. Because I'm jumping around from one subject to another, from doing a bit of studying to doing a bit of housework etc., I much prefer to be at home. I have everything I need to hand, no risk of forgetting anything, refreshments on hand etc. I simply cannot study for more than 20 minutes at a time without either falling asleep, or finding that I am just reading a bunch of miscellaneous words that have ceased to have any meaning. So.....a study session for me will go something like this:

    *Read one sub-section of a particular chapter (no more than 2 or 3 pages) - 15 mins
    *Empty the dishwasher - 10 minutes
    *Add the main ideas to my Mind-Map for that chapter - 10 mins
    *Review a mind-map from an earlier chapter - 10 mins
    *Put a load of laundry into the washer - 10 mins
    *Read the next sub-section of the current chapter - 15 mins.
    *Take a quick online quiz that my textbook provides - 10 mins.
    *Clean a bathroom.
    *Add the main ideas to my Mind-Map for the latest sub-section - 10 mins.
    *Do 50 sit-ups.
    *Review a mind-map from an earlier chapter - 10 mins.
    *Make a cup of tea.....

    etc., etc., I find that my concentration doesn't lapse if I keep the work exciting by chopping & changing all the while, and I retain far more information in my memory. It sounds very disorganised, but is just the opposite: I plan weeks in advance and write it all down in my planner, so that by the time the exam comes round I've read everything that needs to be read and reviewed the relevant mind-maps or notes for each chapter at least 8 times. I never have to 'cram' for exams and go into the exam room calm and relaxed, and feeling prepared.

    I tend to get very distracted if I try to study at the library, or at college. I guess I just don't feel comfortable, and don't like the inconvenience of not having adequate food & drink supplies handy, and of having to pack everything away and take it with me if I have to go to the bathroom etc.

    Best wishes, Paint.
  5. by   janetrette
    hi i'm a new member but as i can see i love this site it's great for nursing students to share their stories...

    this is an excellent question because i, too, am wondering how to study? currently i'm a nursing student at bmcc. this coming fall semester would be my last year. every single subject i study it differently. werid i know.

    if you're planning to study for a&p. how i view a&p is there's no easy way. everything was based on memory. it all depends on your professor however, there are some review books for a&p. my friend during my a & p class gave me little $4 little skinny a & p and it broke down it easier. i didn't really use it until i'm in my nursing class because it just a summory of the system.

    the 1st yr i had a study group and we did all the studying there. now, we study like a few days before the exam. either that, after class if you have time get together a group and share the notes you're missing.

    index card is a fast way to memorize. test yourself with that with the cards.
    or sometimes i write hand written notes and going over and over with them.
    tape the notes on the walls so you can see it whenever.

    if it's a picture that you have to memorized such as a lab exam then i suggest have a photo of it and copy it in the copy machine. use write-out on the labels so you can test yourself the part of the anatomy.

    never start reading 1st. i would skim the chapters. if there's a summary in the back - read it 1st. look at the headings / sub titles. read. highlight what you think it's important. if you notice you highlight everything - it would be overwhelming when you go back and see you have to read everything. hehee.
    and write notes on the book. this is the last one i learned this semester. there is no time to write notes - so i just write everything on my book.

    hope this helps...