Study Skill for Nursing courses

  1. Hello! I'm a new sophomore nursing student starting my BSN study in the fall.

    In this week, I took CNA courses in the nursing education center.
    There were 12 people in my class. We have all different backgrounds.
    I've spend 2 years for my pre-requisite in the community college.
    I think that pre-requisite courses and nursing courses are totally different.

    #How do you deal with lots of new words and new procedures?
    #How can I be a better student in nursing class?
    #How do you do demonstration?
    #How do you build up the relationship with clients, classmates, and professors?

    Any comments will be highly appreciated!
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  3. by   #1rnstudent
    Just make sure you get to class on time, or like 10 minutes early, and do your assigned readings, and don't hand assignments in late. Then you will be a-ok.

    Oh, BTW what is demonstration?
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  4. by   CHATSDALE
    Demos Are Mastered By Pratice And My Vizualizing In Mind What You Are Doing....tip Do Not Talk To Self While Instructor Is Watching In All Seriousness You Just Take One Step At A Time Learn What The New Words Mean And Break Them Down Into Managable Parts And It Will Be Your Mother Tongue In No Time
  5. by   hllybenn
    For the vocab- maybe get a good book (you'll probably have it in your BSN program) like "Building a Medical Vocabulary" or somthing along those lines- it is a workbook and it breaks down the root of words and all the prefixes and suffixes of words that you will see a MILLION times!

    Demonstration- PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Do you know the theory of "See One, Do One, Teach One". Meaning See done by someone else, do it over and over and then teach it to someone else and you'll probably be proficient with it. If you can explain it to someone else- you know it.

    Best of Luck!
  6. by   henry-106
    Definatly practice for Demos- but my professor always stress to make sure you are practicing correctly. So thats when you get to know your peers. And with the different words, like everyone else said, you get used to it. Personally, in my Physical Assesment class, my professor incorporated a Medical Terminology class that you do online and its 20% of your over all grade. If you just learn the basics, then you'll be be fine. And do make sure you do all your readings- at first I thought how was I going to have time to do allllll that reading, but it works, you have to keep at it though. And I am not sure how your school is, but one of my Prof. is really big on the study guide questions and on the questions at the end up each chapter. Half of our last exam was from those two sources, and alot of us were screwed cause it was worded different,etc. But hey, you will have a blast! It truly is alot of fun once you starting meeting everyone. So good luck!