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  1. Hello,

    Have anyone used the Marieb study guide book for A&P?

    Opinion Please

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  3. by   essarge
    I haven't used that book but I can tell you that whenever a book has a study guide, I use it. They help immensely!!
  4. by   NurseWeasel
    I used it and YES it was well worth it. The first of 3 semesters of A&P I did in a classroom with a professor, traditional method. We were not required to purchase the study guide and never had any assignments using it. The last 2 semesters were done independent study with the same teacher, as he was going semi-retired and moved across the state. All my assignments (ok, most) were out of the study guide, and I will tell you that I learned so much more when I used the study guide. It just put the information I was reading into so much more user-friendly formats. Not only that, it was easy to see how test questions might be worded, by working through the study guide. I'm not saying that just for MY teacher because he actually didn't use 'test bank' type questions but made up his own (really hard) questions - but I can see how an average teacher would or could use questions very similar to those in the study guide to test your knowledge & retention.

    Bottom line, if you have the opportunity, go for it.
  5. by   maeyken
    Study Guide? there was a study guide?? that would have made life sooooo much easier!!